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Doha College Awards Ceremony 2023

Doha College’s 2023 Award Ceremony acknowledged the exceptional achievements of 250 of its students. The event recognised students in various categories, including subject awards for each subject in each year group, tutor awards for students who exemplified the school values and demonstrated strength of character, and recognition for those who dedicated themselves to specific goals such as the Doha College Model United Nations, leadership of the DC student body, charitable causes, and more.

The ceremony, attended by proud parents and staff, was enhanced by music and drama performances from students who received awards in these subjects. Anne McChesney (violin) and Gyu Ryang Liu (piano) not only received the Doha College music awards but were also recent laureates of international music competitions. Joseph Tomasicchio performed a breath-taking monologue from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

A number of students received multiple awards, while many families had siblings awarded across key stages. The event was infused with a warm community feeling, and it was an opportunity for many to catch up with each other before the summer holidays. 

This celebration is a testament to the students' unwavering pursuit of excellence, their thirst for knowledge, and the remarkable impact they have made within and beyond the school. These are the minds that will shape the future with their brilliance and compassion. Congratulations to the outstanding students of Doha College!
Jerome Scafe, Head of Secondary

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Congratulations to all the awardees and their families; they are an inspiration to the entire student body and their contribution to school life is hugely appreciated!