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As one of the world’s leading British international schools we enjoy an outstanding reputation for academic achievement. Our state-of‑the‑art campus and facilities reflect our ongoing commitment to the pursuit of excellence in academic, sport, music, drama, art and our wide range of extra‑curricular activities.

At Doha College, we pride ourselves on our inclusive approach to education. We consult students at every stage of their education, working with them to shape the way they learn and are taught to achieve the best outcomes. Our holistic approach engages every student and stimulates their interest.

We have an exceptional teaching team. By being very particular about the qualities and skills we require, we only recruit the very best people. Doha is a welcoming and forward thinking college, working together to shape an education that gives young people the life skills to help shape our world fo the better.

A Doha College education reaches far beyond the curriculum. Students develop a balanced understanding of the world around them, learning to be considerate of others, nurturing the abilities to listen, to consider other perspectives, to form opinions and to have the confidence to stand up and be heard. Our students develop skills that will serve them well as global citizens. 

Martin George, Interim Principal at Doha College

It has been a turbulent time for schools and students over the past two years. As we emerge from the most restrictive elements of COVID-19 regulations, we can look forward to seeing the very best features of the Doha College community once again to the fore. It is community which makes Doha College such a special place. Staff, students and parents share a commitment to the greater good of the community, striving for individual success, but at the same time supporting one another and valuing the achievements of all. Students at the College, supported by our outstanding teaching and support staff, are encouraged to aim high in all that they do. Our status as an accredited High Performance Learning School is a testament to the importance of setting high standards and striving for continuous improvement.

David Tongue, Principal


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To enable personal growth, instil a passion for learning and create aspirational minds.



With the growth-mindset philosophy of High Performance Learning, we develop confidence, creativity and intellectual curiosity in a safe, caring and inclusive environment for our students to make a lasting contribution to global society.

Al Waab Campus

The Al Waab campus is probably the setting that most people think of when reminiscing about Doha College. It was a comfortable home for our school from 1988 to 2020, over three decades that left an unforgettable mark in the hearts of students and staff. Purpose-built in an area not fully developed back then, it continued to grow, adding in time a gym, a swimming pool, the Art block, the 6th Form “new build,” areas for the music and sports academies that later joined the DC family.

West Bay Campus

Doha College West Bay Campus

A bright and modern learning space, the West Bay campus was the first educational experience for the younger DC generation, born well after the turn of the millennium. A school for residents of Al Dafna, The Pearl and other wondrous places that rose to shape the Doha skyline in more recent times, West Bay brought with it a learning garden, an outdoor learning space with an exquisite view, and a new vibe of intellectual effervescence which our community enjoyed from 2013 to 2020.

Al Wajba Campus

'Excellence for all, excellence from all' has a new home. A state-of-the-art facility, the Al Wajba campus is kitted with the latest technology, designed with forward-thinking features for all areas of education. Doha College filled its walls with a DNA of 40 years of fine educational achievement, opening new horizons for the future. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, collaborative efforts ensured that this ambitious project was ready on time, to welcome its students.