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Giving Back at Doha College

At Doha College, we believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. Our commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the classroom, as we actively engage in fundraising and volunteer initiatives to support charities and good causes across Doha and the wider community.

Through our collective efforts, we aim to foster a culture of empathy, responsibility, and social awareness among our students, staff, and families. Whether it's organising charity events, participating in local outreach programmes, or raising awareness of important issues, Doha College is dedicated to making a difference and building a brighter future for all.

Doha College donates to Afghan refugees

When everyone comes together, amazing things happen.

In record time, the Doha College community donated huge amounts of clothes, toys, toiletries and more for the Afghan refugees that had to leave behind everything.

It was heart-warming to see the little army of children filling a real-life army truck to the brim with your donations.

Doha College students take steps to change the environment

'Green's Better' is a non-profit company that was started as a green initiative four years ago by two Doha-based sisters from Pakistan. Doha College students Lina Osama, Grade 8, and Ruba Osama, Grade 5, believe that some small individual steps can make a difference. The school girls have been raising awareness, recycling used items and carrying out plantation drives both in Qatar and Pakistan.

Click here to read the complete article published in the Gulf Times.



Shoes for a cause

There are 300 million barefoot children worldwide. 58 million children worldwide are not in school, 29 million of which are kept out because they lack the means.

Every year bagfuls of shoes are donated by Doha College students just before the end of the school year and are sent to Sri Lanka. “Shoes for a Cause” helps instil the "Concern for Society" HPL value, by engaging children in helping others who are less fortunate.

Beach clean

Doha College's Eco school committee organised a beach clean-up at Freiha Beach, north of Zubara. This fell under their focussed theme of Marine and Coast; and also aimed to promote awareness of goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production, and goal 14 - Life Below Water of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The trip involved 65 students from across every year group and 7 members of teaching staff, who collected vast amounts of plastic waste and litter that washed-u[ on the shore. They worked for over 3 hours and collected a total of 107 bags of rubbish which was then collected by the Ministry of Environment.

Krishna's charity work

The story of Krishna Bhatia, a Year 5 student at Doha College, is a touching and inspiring example of selflessness and generosity. On his 9th birthday this January, he asked that he is given not gifts, but money that he could donate to those in need. When summer came and he went to his parents' homeland of India, he made good on his promise and divided the money between two causes:a food donation campaign based on spirulina-infused nutrition, and a purchase of educational supplies for the Ashray Orphanage in Mumbai.

This is not the first manifestation of Krishna's empathy and forethought. Back in 2014, when he was just 6, he received a sum of money from an elderly relative. Having seen his grandmother suffer from cancer, he decided to donate that money to cancer patients in India

Staff vs students fundraising football match

The Charity Committee organises football matches that pitch staff against students from Year 5 and Year 6; and exhilarated crowds cheer for their favourite teachers. One year, proceeds from the donations went to two charities, namely 2nd Chance Rescue - Qatar and "Building Schools Abroad" and another year funds were raised for “Orbis”, “The Brain Tumour” and “Cause” charities. 

Nathans charity works

After raising money for the DC Charity Committee by selling rocks beautifully painted with inspirational messages, Nathan Pinto (Year 5) has had another worthy idea.

Moved by the plight of those affected by the floods in Indian state of Kerala, Nathan wanted to help, and he did so by selling bookmarks that he made himself. He managed to raise QAR 520, which he donated to the Relief Fund. 

Sara's act of charity

Touched by the plight of children in Syria, Sara a Doha College pupil celebrated her 10th birthday by planning a charity bake sale. She worked hard baking a selection of cakes, cookies, buns, brownies and biscuits and raised a staggering amount of £1450 for UNICEF. 

Charity Fashion Show

The entertaining charity fashion show organised by the cross-campus Charity Commitee raises enough money through the sale of tickets, and the proceeds go to two charities, namely "2nd Chance Rescue Centre" and "Building Schools Abroad". 

Pink Day

Every year the Doha College community came together to celebrate Pink Day and raise awareness about cancer. The Charities Committee sell pink ribbons at break times throughout the week. Students and staff don pink attire and engaged in fun activities like a Pink Quiz and Pink Bake Sale that run throughout the day. Last year the 'Screen For Life' mobile screening unit visited us over the weekend. All proceeds this year were split between the National Centre for Cancer Care and Research in Qatar and a cancer foundation based in the UK.


Jeans for Genes day

Our school recently took part in a campaign driven by 'Jeans for Genes,' a charity who raise money to support children affected by genetic disorders. Students and staff wore jeans, and in exchange for this privilege they gave donations to the Charities Committee. Our students raised an incredible QAR 16,533 in donations. A huge thank you to all who made a contribution, and a shoutout to Khalid Al-Thani from FS2 Blue (pictured below), who donated QAR450 from his own charity box at home.

So humbling to see the Doha College community spirit at work in these challenging times. Thank you for your support and for the generous donations. For more information about 'Jeans for Genes,', visit

Movember foundation

Behold the fund-raising power of the Movember-motivated moustachioed members of staff, who join forces in November to help the cause of men’s health. They endure banter and teasing from their peers over the month in order to gain generous donations for the worthy cause. Have a laugh at their attempted fierce looks at and check out the worthy causes they are campaigning for.

Jack and Federico's 100 km bike ride for a cause

During the recent Eid holidays, starting at 17:15 and finishing at 02:38 in a time of 8 hours and 53 minutes, Jack Thomas in year 6 and Federico Nemaz in year 8, cycled around their compound 71 times, which was a total of 100km. 

Jack and Federico did the impressive sponsored challenge for Jack’s friend Poppy, back in England, whose family need support for her physiotherapy sessions, as they are not available to them on the NHS. Poppy and Jack were both born prematurely and were in incubators next to each other in the hospital where they were born. Poppy has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk, she needs physiotherapy to make her muscles and herself stronger. 

In total, the boys raised an amazing total of £1,435, which will provide 3 months of physiotherapy for Poppy. 

For more information and if you'd like to support Poppy, click 


Hair Donation

Micaela Powell, Year 11; Valentina Dias,Year 6; and Anya Woodward, year 9 are the latest Doha College students to have made hair donations in aid of children who have lost their hair to cancer or other medical conditions. Michaela posted off her tresses – 9 braids totaling an incredible 276 cm – to the “Little Princess Trust” in the UK, while Valentina donated hers to the "Casca de Cebola" charity in Brazil. 

Starting the hair donating tradition back in 2018, Amy, Lara and Naisha independently sent their braids to charities that provide wigs for children who have lost their hair to cancer treatment or other illnesses, the Little Princess Trust based in the UK, the Rapunzel Foundation a charitable organisation from Ireland and Madat Trust, part of TATA Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India. 

Click on the picture to read the complete article:

Green Day

Doha College's Eco-school Committee ran several activities to raise awareness of environmental issues for Qatar Sustainability Week #QSW2019. The updated 'Eco-school code', which highlights our whole school commitment to climate change, waste minimisation, food sustainability and ocean awareness, was revealed to all students in each of the year group assemblies and again in PSHE lessons. 'Curricular activities' incorporating the four main themes took place across 11 subject areas throughout the week, and involved students from years 7 to 13.

The 'sustainable bake sale' held during break times on #GreenDay raised just under 4000 riyals, that's not including the money raised from the non-uniform day. All proceeds will be donated to two leading environmental charities – Plastic Oceans and Cool Earth. Other activities included a footfall survey for our green cafe - Superheroes Eat Plants, sale of reusable vegetable bags and a reusable water bottle house competition where house Unicorn claimed first place for being the most sustainable. Thank you to all who supported throughout the week, including our #charitiescommittee. We've taken yet another significant step towards achieving our third green flag, thus retaining our #Ecoschool status.

Donations to QAWS

Every year the charities committee together with a team of dedicated students organise large collections of food, toys and blankets for the rescue animals at QAWS. They receive, classify and pack the generous donations that come from the secondary school students. Regular visits to QAWS are scheduled during the year where students and their families turn up to walk the dogs, cuddle the cats and present all the donations to the QAWS staff.

In 2019, as a part of an after-school ECA several charity representatives visited QAWS where they learnt about all the incredible work that QAWS does for animals in Doha. All proceeds from the fundraising events and collection drives conducted by Doha College's charities committee since the start of the year were handed over to QAWS. Many thanks to all of our student volunteers' and to QAWS for the wonderful experience. We encourage the Doha College community to visit the shelter whenever possible to walk the dogs or just help out.