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Doha College alumni are a vibrant community that extends across the globe. The College deeply values the enduring connection we share with our alumni, who have ventured into myriads of fields worldwide. This platform is a celebration of the accomplishments and journeys of our former students. We invite our esteemed alumni to share their stories, accomplishments, and experiences, fostering a sense of pride and inspiration among our current students. Join us in creating a tapestry of shared memories and accomplishments as we continue to connect, inspire, and support one another on this incredible journey of lifelong learning.

Hear from Our Alumni

Tamim Al - Thani, 1992 - 1993

Nada Arakji Our Students, class of 2012

Hamad Al Thani, class of 2016

Dana Al Fardan is Qatar’s only female contemporary composer, songwriter and symphonic artist. Dana is also the Ambassador of Doha College’s Qatar Primary School Choir of the Year competition and wrote its anthem The Wings of the Falcon. Dana’s commitment to educational programmes, nurturing the creative talents of Qatar’s next generation, and contribution to the creation of the country’s burgeoning music industry from its foundations is truly inspirational.

Dana Al Fardan, class of 2015


Tisal Edirisinghe, class of 2014

Ainsley Jordan, class of 2014

Tom Ayling, class of 2016

Katie Potter, class of 2013

Matthias Krug, class of 2002

When I left Doha College in 2008, A levels freshly completed and ready to start university in the UK, I never imagined that I would come back only six years later to start work at a teacher at the school. However, knowing what a great place it is to be student, I imagined it must be the same as a teacher – and I was completely correct! Doha College has changed a lot since my first day in September 2003 but what it does retain is the pride of every member of the community in being a part of DC. I’m proud to have been a DC student and I’m even prouder of being a DC teacher.

Danielle Haddon, class of 2008

Mohammed Al-Hijji, class of 2015


It was so great to be back in Doha College! Even though I have been in Doha for a few years now, only now that I visited DC it brought back all the great memories. It brought back the breaks we spent on window lodges, sport hall brought back the “not-so-happy” memories of me constantly excusing myself from PE classes because that was the only class I didn’t really like. Interestingly, what made me aware of how fast Qatar is developing and growing is the fact that Doha College back then (1992-1994) was in the suburbs, while now it is almost the heart of the city. It’s great to witness this amazing growth and progress a country you call home is experiencing!

Maja Arslanagic, class of 1994


Tom Featherstone, class of 2008


Kelly Allen, class of