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Student Leadership

Student leadership is one of the ways in which Doha College promotes social responsibility and grows global citizens by establishing key qualities expected of all our students.

Primary Leadership

DC students are encouraged to get involved in a practical, hands-on manner in the realities of school, and are helped to understand school “from the other side” – the side of offering opportunities and experiences to others, rather than just receiving them.

To achieve this, Doha College extends to Primary students a comprehensive range of leadership openings. Each year, elections and other selection mechanisms crystallise into an eager group of students that gladly put in the extra effort to benefit their peers and the school community.

The primary Head Boy and Head Girl attend various events as representatives of Doha College and at times are required to make public speeches. They serve as role models to students and act as liaison between the student body and the leadership group.

The participation in committees and leadership teams brings students skills that will serve them well in the future, such as public speaking, negotiating, organisational and team-work skills, problem-solving, conflict mediating, empathy and more. In their positions of influent role models to younger peers, the student leaders are expected to:

  • act with care, courtesy and reliability
  • be positive and enthusiastic
  • listen, show empathy towards others and act as good friends would
  • use manners and good grace when dealing with students and adults
  • treat others fairly, honestly and protect their dignity

The other student leadership roles are: 

  • School Councillors
  • Prefects
  • DC Lifestyles representatives
  • Eco Warriors
  • iChild
  • Charity Committee representatives
  • House Captains

Secondary Leadership

The secondary leaders or the "Big 6" put in extra hours representing Doha College at public events, acting as ambassadors of the school in the wider community, providing a link between the student body and the leadership group. They go through an arduous application process submitting written entries and speaking to student audiences about what they can bring to the roles, thereby polishing their leadership skills. For those elected, the tenure of such positions makes an excellent point of sale to highlight on their university applications.

The posts of head girl and head boy, their deputies and senior prefects are not only significant in terms of their responsibility, but these positions also carry an enormous amount of prestige. They are leaders, figureheads and role models for the rest of the school population and uphold the highest possible expectations for the College. Students can also become ambassadors and prefects of the House System.

Some of the goals of the Big 6 are to further the integration of all year groups, and maximize the efficiency of student leadership through smarter inter-committee communication. A few projects that achieve these goals are the ‘Buddy Programme’, where Year 7 students are partnered with 6th form students, the CCI Legacy Talks, which has grown to include students as young as Year 5, and a host of committees that take on various aspects of school life.

The other student led committees are:

  • Social Committee
  • Charities Committee
  • Student Council
  • Communications Committee
  • Ivybridge Committee
  • Digital Leaders
  • Environment Committee
  • Wellbeing Committee
  • Academic Support Committee
  • Yearbook Committee
  • Cultural Committee