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Every student at Doha College is a member of a House. The house system forms an important part of the DC community as it encourages healthy competition in academic, sporting, and cultural spheres; and enables students to mix and make friends across all year groups.

The house system is aimed at developing student participation and celebrating success in several house activities both curricular and co-curricular; and competitions that are keenly contested and hugely enjoyed throughout the year. It presents the opportunity to reward work within and beyond the classroom setting, whilst developing values of cooperation and teamwork among the students and staff.

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Tap on each image to learn about our secondary school houses.

A warm welcome to Scorpion house, the house of the invincible fighters who are kind but brave and ready to use their stinger if needed! We are strong, savvy, and successful and we will take upon any challenge to ensure that Scorpion house comes on top of the league. Watch out, Scorpions never give up and always try to rise above themselves!




With academic and pastoral teaching expertise, professional theatre/TV and entertainment experience spanning more than two decades, and with the unwavering support of my fellow colleagues, I hope to instil a sense of joy, wonder and unity to make our House more than a House, to make it a home! My hope is that we will be the new entertainers, the thrill seekers who find a common voice, a fearless mantra and an indomitable spirit. 

As Oryx we see opportunities, not obstacles; we work together, not alone; we are united in our quest to forge new frontiers to boldly go where no one has gone before!



We excellent eagles will fill the skies here in Doha College with our strength, determination, focus and willingness to soar as high as we need to complete our goals. I’m proud of every single one of you and know that as a team of eagles, we are an unstoppable force. You are all magnificent and a very welcome part of Eagle House

Lets support each other, push ourselves and have a great year!

Fly high eagles. Fly high!



House viper, although new, has already developed a strong, supportive community that is focused on celebrating all aspects of school life, both big and small.

Like all snake species, the Viper has evolved to include a series of strong scales that make up its protective layer. In House Viper, we use this analogy in our day to day lives, knowing that we are stronger together than apart.




The Trident Bats are small yet mighty creatures who love to work together as a team, something that we have already proven by collecting the most number of house points at the beginning of the new school Term.

TRIDENTS: remember we are full of surprises! Even though our physical appearance may seem small, light and breakable... we know that as a house we are more than that. We will not break; we can fight; we will win against the other bigger creatures.  We are the Talented Tremendous Tridents!




The House system is an integral part of the Doha College Community. It allows students and staff to come together and feel a sense of belonging. It embeds our school's core values of fun and enjoyment,  challenge and reward, perseverance and honesty, respect and commitment. It's a celebration of our students' success and achievements.

Joanne Taylor, House Coordinator

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