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Every student at Doha College is a member of a House. The house system forms an important part of the DC community as it encourages healthy competition in academic, sporting, and cultural spheres; and enables students to mix and make friends across all year groups.

The house system is aimed at developing student participation and celebrating success in several house activities both curricular and co-curricular; and competitions that are keenly contested and hugely enjoyed throughout the year. It presents the opportunity to reward work within and beyond the classroom setting, whilst developing values of cooperation and teamwork amongst the students and staff.

There are 6 houses, themed on mythical creatures. Click on the below images for more information:

Dragon house
Griffin house
Phoenix house
Roc house
Salamander house
Unicorn house

Student achievements are celebrated through a reward system. House points are awarded throughout the year, recognising not only academic success but also sporting achievement, effort, attendance and good progress; and certificates are presented on reaching certain milestones.

In Secondary, house certificates are awarded to students who have attained a certain number of house points; and are distributed during year group assemblies. Certificates for excellence and the Governor’s award are awarded at whole school assemblies at the end of each term.

In Primary, house certificates are awarded to students at weekly assemblies, where their achievements are celebrated.



The Doha College house system encourages camaraderie and creates a sense of unity and belonging to the school. It recognises, celebrates and rewards student achievements.

Sarah Jackson, House Coordinator

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