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Digital Learning

Doha College is a 1:1 iPad school, and all students from years 3 to 13 bring their device to school every day. Technology is fully integrated into teaching and learning; and students at Doha College show a high degree of digital literacy from an early age.





When applying digital learning tools within the curriculum, teachers are encouraged to follow the school’s model for digital learning. This provides a framework for purposeful use of technology in eight distinct capacities for learning.

Independent Enquirers

Students use digital learning devices to work independently as part of a research or enquiry-based activity.

Collaborative Participants

Students use digital learning devices to work with each other, or with their teacher, to achieve a common goal.

Engaged Learners

Digital learning devices are used to further engage and engross students in the learning process.

Innovative Leaders

Students lead in technology. They use their device to generate new ideas and foster a sense of innovation in others.

Responsible Users

Students are aware of their role in ensuring that their device is used responsibly within the school community.

Organised Scholars

Students use their digital learning device to successfully organise their schoolwork and facilitate success.

Digitally literate

Students are able to develop expertise in digital literacy, across a wide range of platforms.

Creative Explorers

Digital learning devices are used to foster a sense of creativity through exploration of ideas and concepts.

Our core applications for teaching and learning include

Key digital learning achievements at Doha College

DC student builds corona tracking website

DC student builds corona tracking website

Year 8 student Ahmed Aldeeb created a website full of real-time information on Coronavirus developments and safety tips. The API (Application Programming Interface) consists of over 15,000 lines of code. It is designed in a way to retrieve data from 215 countries in almost real-time. His website also includes a dashboard; where users can navigate easily and see the most recent news and updates. Click here to visit.

DC student completes Stanford Artificial Intelligence For All programme

DC student completes Stanford Artificial Intelligence For All programme

Eleonora Carta (Y11) completed the Stanford summer school AI4All (Artificial Intelligence for All) - a three-week programme where participants engaged with professionals in the field to learn about cutting-edge ideas, such as how AI can be applied in medicine, disaster response, and combatting poverty. To be accepted on the course, Eleanora had to solve some very difficult computer science problems - a measure of how highly coveted this programme is, aside from the global prestige of Stanford University!

Alice Programming Competition 2020

Alice Programming Competition 2020

Two of our programming teams have shared the third place at the Alice Programming Competition, held at the Carnegie Mellon University Qatar. Tharuka Herath, Leisha Silas and Ravindu Horanage decided to go with a topic on children's health, while Varun Kini, Suhail Abbas, Vibhav Agrawal and Finn Froud, aka the 'Greta Gang,' chose global warming as their theme.

Doha College shortlisted for prestigious BIS Award

Doha College shortlisted for prestigious BIS Award

In recognition of the college's spearheading work in digital learning, Doha College was shortlisted for a British International Schools award in the 'Outstanding Digital Technology Initiative' category in 2017. The qualifying criteria were that the initiative is demonstrably successful, genuinely innovative, broadly scalable, reasonably affordable and widely shareable. The college has a long history of integrating digital technology in all areas of the curriculum from a young age, aiming to create a generation that is ready for whatever technology the world of tomorrow may bring.