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Fee Schedule for the Year 2023-2024

Primary School
Tuition fee per term
FS 1 and FS 2 QR 13,064.00
Year 1 to year 6              QR 13,717.00
Capital charge per year
FS 1 to year 6 QR 8,000


Secondary School
Tuition fee per term
Year 7 to year 11 QR 23,379.00
6th Form (years 12 to 13) QR 24,947.00
Capital charge per year
Year 7 to year 11 QR 5,000
6th Form (years 12 to 13) QR 5,000



Joining fees
Seat booking fee          QR 2,000.00
Registration Fee QR 3,650.00
Stationery Deposit QR 1,000.00


Term Due date
Autumn Term                      22 August 2023
Spring Term 2 January 2024
Summer Term 21 April 2024
Note: Fees should be submitted on or before the due date.

Fee Description

Capital charge: Payable per student each academic year with the autumn term fees or the term in which the student joins Doha College.

Seat Booking Fee: Non-refundable fee to accept the offer of a place at Doha College or confirm enrolment for the following academic year. The fee is fully offset against the fees for that academic year.

Additional Notes

Doha College has three terms per academic year. Tuition fees for each term are payable on or before the first day of term.

Tuition fees are inclusive of exercise books, paper as deemed necessary by staff plus the loan of standard textbooks.

There are no extra charges other than for breakages, loss of/or damage to Doha College property, external examination fees, trips, extra-curricular activities and/or materials required in practical classes.

All external examination fees (applicable to year 10 to year 13) are in addition to the tuition fees quoted above.

Fee Regulation

  1. All fees and charges must be settled in full as per the Fee Schedule published by the college.
  2. Failure to pay any amount owing to the college by the relevant due date will entitle the college to remove the student from the college roll and debar the student from further attendance.
  3. Payments exceeding QR 500 will not be accepted in cash.
  4. School fees payment will not be accepted via credit and debit card.
  5. Fees and charges are applicable per student. No discount will apply for siblings, or for starting and/or leaving mid-term, or taking an extended leave of absence.
  6. Written notice of withdrawal of a student must be given at least a term before the end of the last academic term attended by the student. See Leaving Policy for further details. If no such notice is given, the Seat Booking Fee will be forfeited.

Fee Policies

Other Fees and Charge

  1. A one-off, non-refundable Registration Fee is payable in respect of each student attending Doha College. This is payable once the student has been offered a place at Doha College.
  2. Fees additional to those described above are payable in respect of certain matters. These include but are not limited to (I) GCSE and A-Level examination entry fees, costs for trips and visits, optional instrumental tuition, shuttle bus, iPad, and learning support for certain students. Such additional fees will be payable separately.