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British Curriculum Secondary School in Doha

Students thrive in their secondary education experience at Doha College, where the focus is on nurturing individual potential, fostering personal growth and achieving outstanding academic results. Our inclusive approach to education helps to inspire a genuine interest and enthusiasm in our students to work hard and enjoy learning.

We encourage our students to be aware of the wider world around them, to be considerate of others and in doing so to acquire the skills that will equip them to make a positive contribution in the world. We nurture the abilities to listen, consider other opinions and perspectives, form opinions and have the confidence to stand up and be heard.

Secondary education is a critical stage in every child's development - it shapes them for life. As well as providing the essential tools for learning, we prepare our students well in advance for their progression to sixth form through regular collaboration and shared activities.

Secondary life at Doha College

We are immensely proud, as one of the world’s leading schools, that our exceptional outcomes in the classroom aren’t the end of our story; they are only the beginning. Our students are resilient and confident learners because of our drive and attention to develop well-rounded individuals. Their happiness and well-being is central to any successes that derive from our high academic results.

Jerome Scafe, Senior Vice-Principal - Head of Secondary

The Secondary Curriculum

Students are encouraged to play a full and active role in all areas of school life. They become part of a well-established and globally renowned British international school, where the emphasis is on every student reaching their unique potential. Students leave with the right skills and mindset to succeed and thrive in their adult life.

The Secondary school follows the National Curriculum for England, providing an education for children between the ages of 11 and 18, covering Years 7 to 13.

With an emphasis on academic excellence, careful attention is given to students’ individual learning needs with regular monitoring and tracking of every student's progress through Secondary.

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