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For pupils, not for profit


Welcome to Doha College,


I take immense pride in the sense of purpose amongst all staff at Doha College.  We are a diverse and welcoming organisation where everyone feels like they belong.  Uniquely in Qatar, we provide a not-for-profit British Curriculum education for 3-18 year olds, with great respect for our proud history and also a firm eye on the future.


David Lish, Chief Operating Officer


Investing in Excellence: Our Commitment to Education

Our Philosophy: Education First

We're not for profit, meaning every single riyal received as income is directed to delivering the best pupil outcomes and none to corporate owners.  Putting pupils first isn't just what we do - it's who we are.


We challenge appropriately so all pupils can reach their potential, whatever that might be.  Every decision we make and every resource we allocate is aimed at enhancing the learning experience, providing our students with superb opportunities for growth and development across our wide curriculum.

Direct Impact on Our Students

Our financial model allows us to continually improve our facilities and expand our educational programmes. This strategy of reinvestment has enabled the enhancement of our state-of-the-art campus and sports facilities. 


Our commitment is mirrored in the success of our students who excel academically, creatively, and athletically, securing top results in their examinations and garnering accolades in regional and international competitions.

Building Meaningful Partnerships

We believe that education thrives through collaboration. By partnering with Doha College, you are investing in a future generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators. 


Our partners benefit from brand visibility amongst our community of engaged parents, international professionals, and alumni. Furthermore, they participate in the noble endeavour of shaping an educational setting that prioritises student achievement and well-being over profit.

Join us in making a difference

I invite you to join us on this enriching journey. By supporting Doha College, you contribute to a legacy of education that promises to impact not just our students but the wider community. 

For more details on how you can get involved, please reach out to me directly at

I'd be delighted to explore potential partnerships that can further our mission and support our outstanding students.  Do come for a visit so I can show you our vibrant and welcoming community and the difference you can make.