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A history that began in 1980 and evolved into a leading British-style education in Qatar and the world
We invite you to take a stroll down memory lane, and share treasured memories with thousands of students and staff who walked the corridors of Doha College through the many years. The carousel at the end of this page will take you from our opening day in a villa, back in 1980, on a journey that includes three new campuses, royal visits, the dawn of the internet age, inaugurations of lasting community events, all of which converged to make Doha College who we are today.

Al Waab Campus

The Al Waab campus is probably the setting that most people think of when reminiscing about Doha College. It was a comfortable home for our school from 1988 to 2020, over three decades that left an unforgettable mark in the hearts of students and staff. Purpose-built in an area not fully developed back then, it continued to grow, adding in time a gym, a swimming pool, the Art block, the 6th Form “new build,” areas for the music and sports academies that later joined the DC family.

West Bay Campus

Doha College West Bay Campus

A bright and modern learning space, the West Bay campus was the first educational experience for the younger DC generation, born well after the turn of the millennium. A school for residents of Al Dafna, The Pearl and other wondrous places that rose to shape the Doha skyline in more recent times, West Bay brought with it a learning garden, an outdoor learning space with an exquisite view, and a new vibe of intellectual effervescence which our community enjoyed from 2013 to 2020.

Al Wajba Campus

'Excellence for all, excellence from all' has a new home. A state-of-the-art facility, the Al Wajba campus is kitted with the latest technology, designed with forward-thinking features for all areas of education. Doha College filled its walls with a DNA of 40 years of fine educational achievement, opening new horizons for the future. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, collaborative efforts ensured that this ambitious project was ready on time, to welcome its students.

But Doha College’s story continued unabated, and its community eventually outgrew even these much-loved campuses. Saying goodbye to Al Waab and West Bay coincided with Doha College’s 40th anniversary, and momentous events had been planned to mark this milestone in our journey. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, put a stop to those plans, and instead of having hundreds of students mark the departure from the two campuses, the task fell on a solitary Dr Sommer. This poignant video of the Principal’s lone figure closing the doors, literally and figuratively, on the Al Waab and West Bay chapters, struck a chord with thousands of students, alumni and their families from across the world. Luckily, the truly epic Al Wajba campus that opened in September 2020 more than made up for everything!

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After receiving permission in February 1980, Doha College opened in September of that year in a 10-room villa on Salwa Road. In those seven months, Principal Sheila Porter led a team of parents and staff to raise funds, refurbish the villa, make desks and blackboards, order books and so much more. It opened with 85 pupils, 8 full-time and 10 part-time staff. By the end of the second year, the College doubled its number of pupils and continued to flourish.





HRH Princess Diana made sure to visit Doha College during the tour of the Middle East she undertook with Prince Charles in November 1986. Here she is in one of the classrooms, chatting to awestruck students.




Sheikh Jassim bin Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Thani carried out the ceremonial groundbreaking of “Doha Independent School” - the Primary arm of Doha College - which would later fully merge with its parent school.



HRH Princess Anne carried out the ceremonial concrete pouring at the Al Waab construction site on 16 February 1988, in the presence of Qatari and British dignitaries.




An aerial view of the nearly completed Al Waab campus shows how far the school had come in just eight years from inception. Al Bustan Street and the surrounding compounds had not yet been built.




His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, now the Emir of Qatar, joined Doha College for the first two years of his secondary education. Mrs Freeth and Mr Coles had the honour of being his form tutors.




Doha College opened a swimming pool, which would go on to nurture and train many great swimmers. One of them is Nada Arakji, who made history by becoming the first Qatari female to represent the country in the London 2012 Olympics Games.




Doha College became one of the first schools in the Middle East to feature on the internet, launching its website and opening the way for communicating with parents via email. Its first URL was htpp://




Doha Independent School (Primary) and Doha College (Secondary) merged on 1 September 2004. This allowed the College to become a centre of excellence for students, throughout their school life.




A new dimension was added to an already outstanding school – its 6th Form block that housed impressive facilities including an auditorium and an IT room with over 30 computers at the time.




Doha College supported Qatar’s bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The students made a very persuasive case, proving the suitability of Qatar to host this world-class event. Imagine their elation when Qatar was announced as the host!




In its 30th year of existence, Doha College renewed its logo to one representing the turning of pages. The curving lines are also a reference to water, dunes and the sails of Qatari dhows.




A perfect example of Doha College’s commitment to community initiatives, the now-traditional Doha College 5K and 10K Race had its first edition in November 2011.




HRH Prince Charles met with excited Doha College students at the British Embassy. He is deeply committed to championing environmental and sustainable causes, an issue close to the hearts of our students.




The West Bay campus opened in September and offered a much-loved learning space to seven generations of primary students, until June 2020. It featured a learning garden and hosted many community events.




HRH Princess Sophie, Countess of Wessex, visited Doha College in October and met with many students. She is the global ambassador for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, a self-development programme of high emphasis at our school.




Doha College became the first school in Qatar to be awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag from the Foundation for Environmental Education. The school's Eco Committee officially hoisted the Green Flag to mark the occasion in a ceremony.




In a historic moment, Doha College broke ground at the new Al Wajba construction site, heralding a new age for international British education in Qatar. Given its size and quality, its completion in just two years is remarkable.




Doha College received the highly prestigious distinction of being the first ever to be awarded the status of HPL World Class Award School. The HPL approach allows Doha College to lift the lid on learning and its philosophy is woven into the fabric of the school.




To mark its 40th anniversary and the move to the new campus, Doha College rejuvenated its identity. The sails in the logo represent a transformative journey, while the gold represents excellence and the sandy tones of our host country.




A historic milestone - Doha College moved into its new home, the state-of-the art 90,000 sqm campus, fit for the forward-looking students and staff of today. And you are now the newest contributor to its success story. Welcome aboard.