Year 7 prove the transition from primary is easy!

Year 7 prove the transition from primary is easy!

Ten students from Year 7 were acknowledged today by the Principal Dr Steffen Sommer for their excellent effort grades in the recent grade reports.

 Mrs Iona Gordon Head of Year 7 explained, "these students have demonstrated excellent effort across all their subjects with most being awarded excellent or very goods by all their subject teachers. This really has been an excellent year for these students and a wonderful start to their secondary education."

Damian Laubscher, originally from South Africa credited his success in achieving 9 Excellent, 3 Very Good and 1 Good effort grades to his try hard attitude. "I want to stand out in class and do well, Damian explained. "My favourite subjects are Geography, German, Drama and History. In Drama I get to express my feelings which I enjoy, I also love learning about the past and History is full of exciting topics." As well studying hard, Damian also likes to play sports and he also plays the Cello, Recorder and Piano – a truly all rounded talent there we think!

Another student, Mia Rouse, originally from the UK, has been in Doha College for three years and enjoys Maths, History, Spanish and English as her favourite subjects. "I love reading so I really enjoy my English lessons", she explained, "Spanish is also great to learn as our teacher makes it so interesting and she is very funny. I am also fascinated by History and I particularly love all the gory bits.!"

Summing up Mr Nick Croker Head of Key Stage 3 said, "Year 7 is a pivotal year as students transition from primary to secondary education, learning ten subjects and learning to adapt to multiple teachers. I am very proud of everything these students and all of Year 7 have achieved. Keep working hard everyone!"

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