Year 10 and 11 finish the term in 'Excellent' style

Year 10 and 11 finish the term in 'Excellent' style

On the last day of term, a group of Year 10 and year 11 students visited the Principal's office and personally received handwritten notes and congratulations for the excellent effort they had shown in their reports. The students chosen had achieved the highest effort grades in their year group.

 Mr Kane Year 10 Tutor explained, "I have 141 students across Year 10, and nine students are here today, three are away unfortunately with the History and MFL trip to Germany. I've been seeing these faces pretty much four times a year since they were in year 7. It's a fantastic effort, they are consistently good across all subjects every time they get a report and I think that's the most impressive thing is how consistently excellent they are." We interviewed four students from Year 10 and Year 11.

Aditiya Kumaran from 10U is relatively new to Doha College, joining seven months ago when his father took up the post of Indian Ambassador in Qatar. Aditiya explained, "I was in India before coming to Qatar where I went to a public school in Delhi. Coming to Qatar, I changed curriculums, and it was hard for me, but Doha College really helped me settle in." Aditiya is certainly trying very hard to excel with all excellent effort grades – a great start to school life at Doha College. Another Year 10 student,

Tamzil Chowdhary has been at Doha College since Year 2 and achieved nine excellent effort grades in her recent iGCSE report. The secret to Tamzil's success is working hard and preparing well for exams – a simple but effective formula. We wish Tamzil well as she starts on her exams and can't wait to see her back in school to start her chosen A Levels - History, Biology, German, Maths and English Literature.

The first of our Year 11 students is Sakshi Nani. Sakshi started at Doha College in Year 7 having come to Qatar in 2003. Sakshi also transferred from another curriculum but has also found the transition easy to manage. Sakshi is a keen competitive sportsperson, so it's no surprise that her favourite subject is PE. When she is not captaining the basketball team, Sakshi is playing in Doha College's netball and volleyball teams and taking any sporting after school activities she can. "Sports help me to relax and stay focused on my studies too, "she explained.

Charlotte Smith is British and came to Qatar about eight years having lived in several Middle Eastern countries. Charlotte achieved all excellent grades in her recent report and again sees her participation in sports as important to her academic success. "Sports help me to switch off and stay fit and mentally alert" Charlotte explained. "I play netball and water polo for DC, in water polo we have to compete against the 6th Form boys in matches – there are times when you panic but then you resurface and breathe – it's great fun."

Miss James Head of Year 11 summed up, "as a PE teacher I see the correlation between physical fitness and mental fitness, and it's no surprise that many of my Year 11 students are great sportspeople too. I am very proud of all my Year 11s; it's a crucial year as they prepare for exams and start to think about their A levels. I wish them all every success."

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