Welcoming our new staff

Welcoming our new staff

Boasting a staff retention rate greater than that of schools based in Europe, Doha College strives to cover every aspect of the new staff integration into their new environment. Starting right from the airport, new staff are assisted through every step: accommodation, transport, immigration requirements, childcare for those with young families, and of course finding their feet within the school.

The Doha College community is a warm and welcoming group of people who bring a new meaning to the word “inclusion.” Every new member of staff is initially connected to an established “buddy” or a “mentor”, who shows them around the city and gets them up to speed with everything they need to know to make the transition smoother. Doha College has a long-running “Staff Association” that organises social events throughout the year, such as dhow trips, bowling nights, dragon boat races, mosque tours, children’s parties and many more.

This is a special year in the life of Doha College: it is gearing up to celebrate its 40th anniversary next September, AND it prepares to move into a brand new, state-of-the-art campus fit for a 21st-century pioneering school, at the same time.

Laure Cundall

The transition has been really simple because of all the work put in beforehand by the people already here – that was brilliant. Everyone is really friendly, which makes you feel like you’re coming into a family, as opposed to just being dropped into a school. I hope that Qatar will be a really good place for my family, and Doha College an interesting place to work – forward-looking and at an exciting place on its timeline. I’m just really keen to see the direction the school is going in; it’s so interesting to arrive at this point in time – a huge transition, although it’s clearly a very established school. You can build on what’s already in existence while trying out something new. It’s really exciting – being part of the team that achieves that.
Laure Cundall, new Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Louise Kotek

Louise Kotek, the new Head of Learning Support, is joining us after five years at BISAK in Saudi Arabia, though she had visited Doha College before while on a two-day course on safeguarding at our school. 

What attracted me to Doha College was the enthusiasm for Learning Support. In some schools, you may find that there is a narrowing down of inclusive practices, whereas it seems that DC embraces it and they’re looking at new strategies and how to use learning support systems most effectively.
Louise Kotek, new Head of Learning Support

The new cohort includes teachers of extensive international experience, some who have worked in Qatar for a number of years, and a newly qualified teacher (NQT) who was quite impressed with the reception.

We look forward to a synergetic collaboration with this fresh intake of experience and outlook, to the benefit of our students (who – news just in – have scored the highest (i)GCSE results in the school’s history; more on that later) and that of the community.


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