The Charity Committee


Doha College’s Charity Committee are back for a second year! This year, all classes from Year 1 and upwards have had the chance to elect a charity committee member, and now the committee comprises a 36-strong team. The committee, enthusiastically led by primary teacher Jonathan Kuttschreuter, decided to help two charities: one is the ‘Building Schools Abroad Scheme’ and the other is the ‘2nd Chance Rescue’. 

The primary committee would like to say a huge thank you to the Doha College community for all of the money that was raised over the last academic year. During the previous year, the committee managed to raise a huge amount through the activities listed below:

Harry Potter Quiz
Winter Concert donations
Personal committee members fundraising and personal donation
Movie night 
Sports day fundraisers
End of autumn term non-uniform day 
Reception Orange fruit and vegetable stall 
Primary Charity Committee MasterChef club 
End of spring term football fundraiser 
Fashion Show

This year, the committee has a LOT of plans. They have started with an ice cream sale and a quiz night across both campuses, and there are many other events in the pipeline.

Where is the money going?

The first charity to benefit from the committee’s efforts is ‘Building Schools Abroad Scheme’. This charity put Doha College in touch with the Amar Nepalese Primary School, located 25km from North Kathmandu and standing at a 1,510m elevation from sea level. DC has helped before with the building of a school in Nepal, and the summer before last some of the committee were fortunate enough to see the difference it has made to the people of that community. Afterwards, they felt it was necessary to continue the efforts to help others in a similar way. The current school that Doha College is helping in Nepal will include 10 classrooms and 8 teachers, and it will be built over a 3 year period. The committee are looking to raise the missing $10,000 needed over this year to help erect the school. Last year, they managed to raise $10,000 and they are confident that it can be done again.

The second charity chosen by the committee is based in Qatar and is called the ‘2nd Chance Rescue’. They do very important work helping stricken animals either to find new homes or to live on their own wonderful site. As you can imagine, they have a major task on their hands to try and help so many animals in need. Regularly, our committee go to visit the 2nd Chance Rescue and last year we donated QR17,000 to them.