Primary School Student Leaders

Primary School Student Leaders

Committed to preparing children for the real world from the earliest stages of their education, Doha College ensures that Primary students are actively involved in the life of the school. To achieve this, the college offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities for students. At the beginning of each year, elections and other selection paths put together a vibrant and enthusiastic body of students that gladly go the extra mile to serve their fellow students and the school community.

While the Head Boys and Girls come from Year 6, the other jobs are taken by students from Year 1 and up; some positions require representation from each class, others from each year group, while others only require particular passion and expertise, regardless of class or year group.

Student leadership reaches into each aspect of school life, and here is a description of each role:

Head Boy & Head Girl – they are responsible for representing the school at events and make public speeches. They serve as a role model for students and share pupils' ideas with the school’s leadership.

School Councillor – they represent their fellow students to the management and their secondary school counterparts, they promote their ideas and communicate their needs, concerns or suggestions.

DC Lifestyles representative – they champion a healthy lifestyle, and were selected for their interest in sports, mindfulness, nutrition etc.

Eco Warrior – they champion environmentally friendly attitudes and support the various drives like paper recycling, composting, monitoring the use of electricity, of single-use and disposable products etc.

iChild – students with good technical skills who can be the first point of contact for their classmates when it comes to iPad troubleshooting.

Charity Committee – students work on a variety of events to raise funds for the chosen charities, currently “2nd Chance Rescue Centre” and “Building Schools Abroad Scheme”.

House Captain – they champion a healthy competitive attitude that motivates members of their house, they build positive team spirit, and assist with the logistics of running the inter-house competitions.

Through their participation in the various committees and leadership teams, the students learn about public speaking, 'what makes' a good leader, organisational and team skills, problem-solving.

As they are influent role models to the younger years, the student leaders know that they are expected to:

  • act with care, courtesy and reliability
  • be positive and enthusiastic
  • listen, show empathy towards others and act as good friends would
  • use manners and good grace when dealing with students and adults
  • treat others fairly, honestly and protect their dignity.

This year’s Head Boys and Girls shared their thoughts on being elected and on their responsibilities:

20171022 20171022 CIO 5485

Zakariya Adam
Head Boy of Al Waab Primary

I started in DC right from the beginning of pre-school and have always wished to be Head Boy. In my new role, I would like to make sure the ideas and suggestions of the students are heard, to bring in new ECAs, to create new games for the playground (like graffiti club), to introduce inter-house competitions that test logic, memory and creativity skills.

20171022 20171022 CIO 5486

Beya Nacef
Head Girl of Al Waab Primary

When the teacher announced that I had been elected, my heartgasped for a breath; then volcanos of joy erupted, and everyone was clapping. I knew I could do it, even though the responsibility was going to be tough, but I was going to meet amazing people, have lots of fun and find new opportunities! What I would say to anyone is “Try, even if you might not succeed. Believe in yourself, you never know!”

20171015 20171015 CIO 4896

William McChesney
Head Boy of West Bay Primary

I am very honoured and proud to have been voted as Head Boy of Doha College Primary. I know it is a huge responsibility and there will be lots to do in this coming year to prove that I am capable of living up to the students’ and teachers’ high standards and expectations. It will be an exciting journey and I look forward to sharing it with all the other students.

20171012 20171012 CIO 4856

Kirtijaya Jha
Head Girl of West Bay Primary

I feel honoured to be the Primary Head Girl of the West Bay Campus. I know this role will require me to prove, this coming year, that I am happy to put in extra effort for the improvement of the school, and that I am capable of fulfilling all the expectations of the staff and children. I hope I have a lot to show for it at the end of the year.

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