Student for a Day

Student for a Day

To challenge their perception of teaching and focus on the routines of effective learners, Mrs Sanderson, Head of Secondary, and Mrs Meikle, Assistant Principal - Transition, spent a day as Doha College students. Here are their impressions:

“To witness the purposeful learning, well-planned lessons, constant use of feedback to guide learning, and the high engagement of our students was very positive and encouraging. I was able to talk to quite a few students throughout the course of the day to get their perspectives on Doha College, including their comparisons to schools that they have been to previously, both within Qatar and the UK. The message was clear – they feel happy, safe and challenged here and the newer students said that they found it easy to make friends. Whilst my presence amongst the students will have changed the dynamic somewhat, I perceived that they were going about things in a natural way.” – Mrs Sanderson

“It was a wonderful experience that confirmed much of what we talk about as a school. The students I spent the day with in Year 7, were articulate, focused and engaged learners. Whilst the aim of the exercise was not to observe lessons, it was a pleasure to participate in each and every one of the classes I visited today. Thank you all for welcoming me into the lessons so warmly and for allowing me to engage with the learning.” – Mrs Meikle

It was a valuable learning experience from start to finish – about the students’ routines, being at the receiving end of the lessons (although students have long taken an active, sometimes driving, role in the teaching and learning process), about the school in general and even about the subjects that they attended!

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