Pastoral care

Student wellbeing is important to us and we offer a comprehensive pastoral care system.  Each Doha College student has three dedicated members of staff directly responsible for their pastoral care, these are: their Form Tutor, their Head of Year and their Head of Key Stage, so they will be well looked after.

Alongside this we have a school counselor who will help students with individual pastoral issues, a team of Learning Support staff [link to learning support pages] who will help develop students who need additional assistance with their learning, and a school nurse to ensure all children are catered for with their medical needs.

The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for all pastoral matters. Form Tutors really get to know their tutees as individuals. They see them five days a week and have an overview of each student’s academic and personal progress.

The Head of Year ensures the pastoral care for the whole year group is effective and consistent, and will lead on the moral and social development of students in their year group. They will also set the expectations for the whole year, and work to solve any concerns that may develop.

Heads of Key Stage have the overall responsibility for the development of the students and track them as they move from year to year. They will support the students and staff in their transition through the school and help reinforce the policy, expectations and ethos of the pastoral team within the school.

The students also play an important role within the pastoral system. From buddy systems within year groups, to the mentoring of students by the 6th Form, the students will assist each other. The student council is another integral part of the school that helps guide in areas such as wellbeing and student voice, impacting on their learning, social engagement and school environment.

Through safeguarding polices and procedures our students are looked after, and with Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) in place key aspects of students wellbeing and development are taught, with students guided through the difficulties and joy of turning into teenagers, young adults and then leaving to start life on their own.

 As Vice Principal of Student Services I have the pleasure of over seeing this development, and ensuring that every child is taken care of, and not only learns and develops, but enjoys and gains as much as they can form their Doha College experience.

James Conly
James Conly
Vice Principal Student Services

Since joining the college in 2005 I have the privilege of teaching geography and being the Head of 6th Form. The role is never dull and working with the 6th Form is always rewarding as I watch the students prepare and plan for life after Doha College. Working as part of the 6th Form team I am responsible for their welfare, development and work ethic. Helping them buy into the 6th Form ethos of striving for success in everything they do and learning from any mistakes they make along the way as they rise to the challenge. The 6th Form team is great and I am very lucky to have such a group of professionals working with me.

Previous roles such as Head of Department in Kent and Head of Year in Cumbria help give me insight into both aspects of school life, with a year spent teaching in the Ivory Coast giving me a taste for life overseas. My Wife also teaches in Doha College Secondary and I have two boys both at Doha College Primary who are enjoying the opportunities they receive through the college. This means I also get to appreciate the college through the eyes of a parent and I must confess I am very happy with what I see and am thoroughly enjoying both working here and being part of the Doha College Community.