Qatar School Choir of the Year

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Motto: Uniting children through singing 

Vision: To enhance children's well-being through music, while bringing joy to the community

Mission: To enable children to experience and enjoy each other's musical heritage, to give them a platform that encourages a touch of competitive spirit, with the desire to perform and excel, to contribute to Qatar's vision for 2030 by enriching the education in performing arts.

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Originally called "Qatar Primary School Choir of the Year", the competition was brought to life in 2017 by a team of music teachers, parent volunteers and choir enthusiasts from Doha College, to add new breadth to the music education in the country.

Competition Ambassador Dana Al Fardan is a Qatari composer of international prominence, an alumna of Doha College and a champion of music education. She composed the competition anthem "Wings of the Falcon," a rousing song that was the set piece of the inaugural QSCoY edition and has since been recorded with the Qatar Junior Choir and with members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

QSCoY is fortunate to have had world-renowned choral expert Greg Beardsell as its head adjudicator for each edition since inauguration. Every year, Greg led electrifying workshops for children and teachers and succeeded in firing up the love of singing in hundreds of children.


Following the rise of QSCoY, the country has seen choirs emerging or doubling in size, grander performances in local events, widened participation in the competition itself, year on year. Owing to the continued success of the "Qatar School Choir of the Year" model, we are excited to have expanded the competition for the 2020 edition, and to be moving to world-class venue Qatar National Convention Centre. Please check the new format here!


Stephanie Gomaa
Director of QSCoY

Click here to see images from the 2019 Final, or here for images of the 2019 heats and 'Big Sing' workshop.

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