Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear parents,

Now that the new academic year has started, and we have welcomed your sons and daughters back to school, I am sure that you will want to join me in welcoming our new students and staff to Doha College.  If yesterday was anything to go by, all our students will again excel in helping those, who are new to Doha and the college, settle in quickly and find friends.  Year 7 in particular will, with 8 forms, be a big year group.  Having prepared well for their arrival, I am certain they will enjoy their experience at Doha College as many generations have before them.

As you may have seen from my tweet, we are starting the year on a high, yet again.  Having achieved the best (i)GCSE and AS levels results ever, for the second year running, our 6th Form will have all it takes to set a fine example to all.  Sixty percent A’s and B’s grades at AS level and 61% A*’s and A’s at (i)GCSE constitute a truly phenomenal achievement.  There were big shoes to fill from the year before, and boy this cohort did!

At A2, just under half of all grades were A*’s and A’s which has catapulted Doha College, yet again, into the space of top achieving schools in the Middle East and globally.  With almost all of our leavers ending up at the university of their choice, we have every reason to be proud - and there is more to come as we continue our journey in the fold of High Performance Learning Schools.  

As parents, you will have received a letter from the Friends of Doha College (FDC) announcing their decision to form a Parents Link Group - details here.  These elected positions (one parent per year group) will allow all of you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your children’s education.  While this may be of particular interest to those of you, who did not experience British education yourselves, it will be equally exciting to everyone,  for it will provide an opportunity to have regular exchanges with the Heads of Primary and Secondary, as well as the Leadership Group and myself. This development is a direct response to last year’s Parent Survey, and an attempt to further improve the dynamics of the educational triangle in which you, as parents, as well as we, the school, and your children have a distinct responsibility. 

As we are welcoming Ruth Sanderson, our new Head of Secondary, and Grant Gillies, our new Head of Primary, we are completing the remaining targets on our three-year development plan, ready to work on a new plan next term so that it can be implemented from September 2019.  I will write to you again shortly to specify the areas of our current development plan, which are left to complete this year. 

Finally, let me say a word or two on the new campus.  Having made substantial progress in the last two years, we started construction in Al Wajba this summer.  The foundations of all buildings will be completed by the end of September so that a discernible difference will be seen, as the school rises out of the ground, from the month of October.  It is an exciting time during which we are also preparing internally for taking possession of the new campus in 2020.  Committees and teams have been formed to manage various projects in preparation for the opening of the Al Wajba site, e.g. admissions, decanting, the structure of the school day.  Once the Parent Link Group is in place later on this term, we will involve you, as parents, in many of these areas. 

With all my very best wishes for a highly successful term and academic year, I am immensely looking forward to touching base with you as time progresses.

Dr Steffen Sommer

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