Primary student leaders at Doha College

Primary student leaders at Doha College

At Doha College, we strive to instil global citizenship values in the children from the early stages of their school life. The children are encouraged to get involved in a practical, hands-on manner in the realities of school, and they are helped to understand school “from the other side” – the side of offering opportunities and experiences to others, rather than just receiving them. To achieve this, Doha College extends to Primary students a comprehensive range of leadership openings. Each year, elections and other selection mechanisms crystallise into an eager group of students that gladly put in the extra effort to benefit their peers and the school community.

Below is a synopsis of the student leadership roles, and the responsibilities that come along with each:

Head Boys & Head Girls are responsible for representing the school at events and make public speeches. They serve as a role model for students and share pupils' ideas with the school’s leadership.

School Councillors represent their fellow students to the management and their secondary school counterparts, they promote their ideas and communicate their needs/concerns/suggestions.

Prefects organise house points and update the house points display, they are each responsible for a year group where they support on enrichment days, assist with issues at breaks and at assemblies.

DC Lifestyles representatives champion a healthy lifestyle, and were selected for their interest in sports, mindfulness, nutrition etc.

Eco Warriors champion environmentally friendly attitudes and support the various drives like paper recycling, composting, monitoring the use of electricity, of single-use and disposable products etc.

iChild students have good technical skills and are the first point of contact for their classmates when it comes to iPad troubleshooting.

Charity Committee representatives work on a variety of events to raise funds for the school’s chosen charities.

House Captains promote a healthy competitive attitude that motivates members of their house, they build positive team spirit, and assist with the logistics of running the inter-house competitions.

The participation in committees and leadership teams brings students skills that will serve them well in the future, such as public speaking, negotiating, organisational and team-work skills, problem-solving, conflict mediating, empathy and more. In their positions of influent role models to younger peers, the student leaders are expected to:
• act with care, courtesy and reliability
• be positive and enthusiastic
• listen, show empathy towards others and act as good friends would
• use manners and good grace when dealing with students and adults
• treat others fairly, honestly and protect their dignity

The two Head Boys and two Head Girls of the 2019-20 cohort have shared with us their initial thoughts after their appointment:

Ubai small square

Ubai Ahmed
Head Boy

Al Waab

Now that I have been given the role of Head Boy, I hope to create a “cubing club.” Rubik’s cube solving clubs are very popular around the world, but there are no cubing tournaments or groups in Qatar. I also believe that communication is important, so I would like to implement better ways to communicate with Heads of school, such as boxes of ideas and complaints, or a certain date to send letters to the school about an aspect that people want to change or improve. I would like to add an easier way to sort recycling, like having a bin for compostable items, recyclable items, paper and waste in each classroom, because we currently have only paper and waste bins. 

 Hi, I’m your new Head Girl Helene and I am in Doha College Al Waab. I want us all to work together as a great team. I would like it if we used perseverance, so that if something ever goes wrong, we wouldn’t give up – that’s the HPL way. My hope for this year is to be a good role model to everyone. Let’s all work hard and have fun together.

Helene small square

Helene Leonard
Head Girl
Al Waab

 Aatika small square

Aatika Khalid
Head Girl

West Bay

As Head Girl, I would like to implement the following: 

• make this school the topmost eco-friendly school in Qatar by organising inter-school competitions
• make school fun: let’s start with LEGO education
• involve our school in more charitable causes. How about a week-long event with different stalls such as a cinema, lucky jars of hope, face painting, lucky dip and more?

Hi, I’m Kareem Nada. I am an Australian, born in Sydney with an Egyptian background. I moved to Qatar when I was four years old and joined DC in Reception. I am an avid sportsman with an interest in team sports because I enjoy collaborating and achieving with others. I also enjoy skiing and love travelling the world. I’m passionate about the environment and believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to respect our precious Earth. Thank you for entrusting me to be your head boy and I hope to live up to your expectations. Let’s make this an exciting year together!

Kareem small squareKareem Nada
Head Boy
West Bay

Let us all wish them the very best of luck in the year to come!

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