New enhanced Leadership Team formed for 2016

New enhanced Leadership Team formed for 2016

Doha College has undergone a deep-reaching re-think of its Leadership Team as we begin this new school year. The result is a very strong team with a comprehensive approach to all aspects of the school's progress as we journey towards accomplishing our mission.


Each member of the Leadership Team has taken on, in addition to the roles reflected in their official titles, responsibilities for other diverse segments of school life, linking the primary and secondary schools in a way that has not been implemented before, and ensuring we are covering all areas of school life at a leadership level.

The new, larger team now comprises of 8 members. Let me introduce my new team and allow them to explain what their new role will encompass.

Dr Steffen Sommer – Principal


Paul Young – Senior Vice Principal, Head of Secondary

"I have been working at Doha College for 10 years and all of it has been an absolute privilege. The opportunities for students and staff in and outside of the classroom are immense. Having previously taught in just the secondary sector, It is now a delight to see students' progress from the primary section of the college all the way through to the 6th Form; and for so many of our students to subsequently come back and visit us while at university and still feel a part of the college is a testament to the friendly 'DC Experience' which resonates in all we do."

 Christine Walker – Senior Vice Principal, Head of Primary

"As a Senior Vice Principal I am delighted to be part of such a dynamic and forward thinking Senior Leadership Group at such an exciting time in the history of Doha College. I will continue in my current role as Head of Primary, working with the staff, children and parents to ensure that we offer all children the knowledge and experiences that will prepare them for their lives ahead as global citizens. I will also be more actively involved in supporting the development of our '3-18' philosophy as we continue with even greater motivation to enhance achievement as part of our determined drive to become the leading school in the Middle East. "


Ian Thornhill – Business and Development Director

"I am proud and privileged to have been appointed to the position of Business and Development Director here at Doha College. I am very aware of the status of the College within the country and will strive to enhance this reputation even further. It is important that students receive the very best education possible, and my role will be to ensure that the College works tirelessly to access resources and services that are then utilised to the benefit of everyone. I want to build on the relationships with all of our stakeholders and ensure they are maintained to the highest standard. The college is entering a very exciting phase of its journey, and it is a fantastic time to be here. It is important that we maintain our very high level of work to ensure that opportunities are grasped, and the College moves into the future by enhancing its reputation as one of the leading international schools in the world."


 James Conly – Vice Principal, Student Services

"Being part of the Doha College Leadership Team is a fantastic opportunity to help develop the students and watch them grow as we prepare them for the 'real world'. My main responsibilities are to ensure the wellbeing of each child alongside promoting an enriched learning environment for them to explore and discover their strengths, while developing an awareness of the world around them. The most rewarding part of my job is encouraging the students throughout the school to make the most of every opportunity the college has to offer and seeing them progress from young children into young adults. "

 ​Neil Thomas – Vice Principal, Teaching and Learning/Quality Assurance

"I am delighted to be joining the Leadership Team at Doha College. The Vice Principal role encompasses the two areas I am most passionate about within education, teaching and learning. These two areas are essential in allowing our students to grow personally whilst instilling a passion for learning and creating aspirational minds. Leading these two areas, alongside overseeing the introduction of High Performance Learning, will play a vital role in allowing our students to unlock their full potential and I am looking forward to the challenge."

Nicola Meikle – Assistant Principal, Transition

"It is with great delight that I assume the position of Assistant Principal within the leadership group at Doha College. One of my main responsibilities will be looking to enhance transition throughout the college and capitalise on our 3-18 setting. I relish the prospect of working alongside stakeholders across the college in its entirety, to achieve this. In addition, I will be overseeing the continued development of the College Firefly portal which is transforming the way in which all staff, students and parents communicate and share information. It is an exciting time at Doha College and I am thrilled to be a part of it."

 Uzma Zaffar – Assistant Principal, Admissions and Assessment

"I feel extremely privileged to be joining the dynamic Leadership Team here at Doha College. My main areas of responsibility will be assessments and admissions into the College, these are both areas I am excited about leading. As well as this I will also be working on introducing High Performance Learning into the primary school, I am delighted to be a part of this ground-breaking and approachable model, as I feel that all children need to be given a rich diet of educational opportunities so that they become intellectually and socially confident, workplace-ready and life ready. I am eagerly looking forward to the year ahead."


 Bill Waller – Campus Development Director

"Having worked for a number of years providing Capital Project advice to education clients, it is refreshing to be client side at this exciting juncture in the College's history. The new campus will significantly enhance the educational experience for all stakeholders involved with the College safeguarding its position and relevance within the educational marketplace for current and future generations. Being directly responsible for shaping the Colleges new home, I feel immensely proud to be able to help convert its aspirations and vision into facilities that not only Doha College can be proud of, but the entire Doha community."


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