New Campus Updates

Watch this video of how and when our new campus will be coming along. It shows the various phases of construction, with multiple processes taking place simultaneously, and it links them with the time frames shown in the top part of the video. 


Updated on 3 December 2018

Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal, and Ian Thornhill, Business and Development Director, have recently visited the new campus construction site. They spoke to engineers and consultants, analysed the progressed and were briefed on the upcoming stages of construction. The highlights of the steps completed since the last update are: 

  • the casting of the ground floor slabs for 10 out of 15 buildings
  • the casting of the first floor level slab for the Facilities Management building
  • concreting of the first floor slabs for 9 buildings is scheduled to commence mid December, to be completed by the end of December
  • there are currently circa 1,300 workers on site
  • 24% of overall works have been completed by day 153 (23.9 % overall time duration)
  • the project is 1.63 % ahead of the program.

In other words, we are a quarter of the way there. Below is a selection of photographs; to see more, click here.


Updated on 23 October 2018

No less than 15 buildings are being build at the same time, and they now are becoming visible above ground level.

These are the current highlights of the activity on site:

  • 16 % of overall work has been completed in 100 days.
  • The project is approximately 4.2% ahead of schedule.
  • 80 % of the buildings foundations are complete and will be above ground level by the end of October 2018.
  • Ground floor slabs are to be cast starting from November.
  • Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Bin Abdullah Al Thani, owner of the land, visited the project site on 15 October 2018


Updated on 24 September 2018

Construction continues apace, slightly ahead of schedule, and so far the following works have been completed or are in the course of being completed:

  • Steel reinforcement installation for columns and wall footings for Building S1
  • Installation of water proofing membrane on three buildings
  • Installation of steel reinforcement for concrete footing foundation on four buildings
  • Concrete footing foundation for three buildings 
  • Preparation of formworks prior to concreting works on Building P5
  • Casting of concrete columns on Building C3
  • Installation of wooden formworks for concrete structures on two buildings
  • Concrete blindings for footing foundation on two buildings
  • Concrete foundations for all three tower cranes




Updated on 26 June 2018

20180625 CIO 1349 2

In a momentous occasion for Doha College and international education in Qatar, the construction of its new campus has been officially inaugurated at its new Al Wajba site. Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal of Doha College; British Ambassador, His Excellency Ajay Sharma; Joseph Abraham, CEO of Commercial Bank; Fouad Hamdan, CEO of main contractor Domopan; and other prominent partners associated with the project, all participated in a historic ground breaking ceremony at the new location, marking the beginning of work on the state-of-the-art campus.

After meticulous consideration and independent guidance from construction consultants Quantex Qatar, the contractor tasked with building the inspiring future vision of Doha College was Domopan Qatar – a company that has proudly played an important role in the development of Qatar in recent years. With the building of this spearheading, educational beacon, Domopan will make its mark ever more prominently on Qatar’s modern landscape. CEO Fouad Hamdan stated: “We are delighted to be part of this ambitious project. We provide innovative and cutting-edge construction practices to address the visionary demands of unique clients such as Doha College, and look forward to delivering a perfectly executed campus in 2020.”

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