New 'Big 6’ team picks up the baton

New 'Big 6’ team picks up the baton

Doha College has recently instated its new ‘Big 6’ team in their roles of head boy and head girl, deputies and senior prefects. Student leadership is one of the ways in which Doha College promotes social responsibility and grows global citizens. Each year, a team of six 6th-formers is selected by students and teachers, and throughout the year they work with other committees to enhance the school experience for all their peers.

They live up to their ‘Big 6’ nickname and put in many extra hours representing Doha College at public events, acting as ambassadors of DC in the wider community, providing a link between the student body and the leadership group. They go through an arduous application process submitting written entries and speaking to student audiences about what they can bring to the roles. The process has multiple benefits: the students get an opportunity to polish their leadership skills, while the school reaps the results of their enthusiasm and commitment. For those elected, the tenure of such positions is also an excellent point of sale to highlight on their personal statements as they apply for university places.

The incumbent 'Big 6' team is made of head boy Anjaneya Suden, head girl Muskan Budhraja, deputy head boy Syed Comail Rizvi, deputy head girl Lily Sibley, and senior prefects Antonia Heidel and Olayinka Famuyiwa.

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One of the main focus points that the ‘Big 6’ will work towards is a smooth transition to the school’s new campus. In 2020, the year of Doha College’s 40th anniversary, the school will be moving its secondary school and part of its primary school to a newly-constructed, state-of-the art campus in Al Wajba, and a seamless move is at the top of each stakeholder’s set of priorities.

Here are some of the thoughts that the 'Big 6' are starting in their roles with:


20190918 071625 CIOAnjaneya Suden, Head Boy

I believe that an equal and opportunistic school is quintessential to setting up a robust, easy communication system among us students, and that if we work together, there is no limitation to what we can achieve. With this in mind, I feel this year our school can reach new horizons. As a strong advocate of the student voice, our students’ opinions are our top priority no matter what. Whether the myth still holds of “the older you are the more influence you have,” we feel that any student’s idea or suggestion comes with the right intent and holds relevance.

20190918 071613 CIOMuskan Budhraja, Head Girl

It is an immense honour to be the Head Girl for Doha College, a school that over the last seven years has become my second home. Since DC has provided me a platform to showcase my talents and given me the opportunity for a successful future, I am now called to give back to all members of our school, as they have always unhesitatingly gone the extra mile for me. In what promises to be a demanding year, I would like to inspire students to grasp every opportunity possible without fearing the university application process, workload or rejection, as doing so would help turn them into more well-rounded and experienced members of the community. I see no better way to conclude my time here at DC than by representing the student voice, and in turn playing an important role in shaping the future of this school.
20190918 071710 CIOComail Rizvi, Deputy Head Boy I am extremely privileged to be a member of the ‘Big 6’ for this academic year. This year is pivotal in Doha College’s illustrious 40 year history, and I aim to make sure that the ethos of Doha College is transitioned smoothly and completely. I believe that Lily and I can be extremely helpful in solidifying the role of the Student Council in the community and use the students’ voices to make constant improvements and keep Doha College the best educational organization for years to come.
20190918 071559 CIO
Lily Sibley, Deputy Head Girl
I am thrilled to have been appointed as Deputy Head Girl this year. When I moved to Doha College in Year 10, I was instantly welcomed with open arms by pupils and teachers alike. Therefore, I feel it is important to give back to the college by developing the student voice to ensure both current and incoming students feel as welcome as I was made to feel at school. I am very eager to work with the student council this year, communicating with students of all ages in order to ensure that the transition to the new campus is as smooth as it can be for everyone; I would like to continue the tradition of welcoming students with open arms at Doha College.
20190918 071523 CIO
Yinka Famuyiwa, Senior Prefect
Having been at Doha College since Year 7, I have always admired the 6th Form leaders in the school. I’ve constantly strived to be involved in leadership positions every year and thus far I have succeeded. It is a pleasure and honour to be able to serve as a Senior Prefect and be part of the ‘Big Six.’ I’ve always been passionate about leading and mentoring younger peers through school life; as the oldest sibling in my family, it not only feels like natural but truly essential. With the new initiatives set this year for better 6th Form mentorship of the younger years, I truly believe in a stronger future relationship. It is important to have more of a student voice as we are moving into the Al Wajba campus.
20190918 071653 CIO
Antonia Heidel, Senior Prefect
I’m truly honoured to have the opportunity to give back to the welcoming community that has shaped me and inspired me for almost 10 years. This year, filled with many exciting events and the commencement of the transition to the new campus, will be busy and require constant diligence and determination from both the teacher and student leadership team, but will be one of the most rewarding ones yet. I am looking forward to working with the other 36 prefects to make this year a great success, and hope to leave an impactful legacy that ensures all students understand that they have an individual and valued voice in the school, and help lay the grounds for a smooth transition to the new campus.

We look forward to seeing them in action, and supporting them in their endeavours!

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