Meet the Big 6

Meet the Big 6

The Big 6 are a major feature of Year 13 life who have, traditionally at Doha College, put their leadership talents, commitment and responsibilities to the service of the student body. They are elected annually by their peers and teachers, who watch their presentations on why they want the roles and what value they can bring to benefit school life. Their duties include representing Doha College at public events, promoting and being ambassadors for the school within the wider community, and acting as liaison between the students and the Leadership Group.


These highly coveted posts come with benefits for their holders too: they can undertake specific training such as the COBIS Student Leadership Weekend in Madrid that the Head Boy and Head Girl will attend this October, in addition to the obvious plus of the inclusion of such achievement in their personal statements as they head off to universities.

One of the main focus areas for this year's Big 6 is to integrate the 6th Form more with the younger students, and already they have designed and actioned a buddying system where 6th Formers meet regularly with Year 7 students to support them, especially as they transition into secondary school.

Other initiatives this year's Big 6 have planned are CCI Legacy Talks, a series of student-led presentations on various topics, a student-run quick cricket club and the DC Student Room (a virtual room on the student portal where students can ask questions or seek advice, answered by students).

This year, the Big 6 team are Akshaya Chandraskckar (Head Girl), Henry Barnard-Jones (Head Boy), Nadia Bahernia (Deputy Head Girl), Ralf Yap (Deputy Head Boy), Aiman Wahizam and Nasreen Hago (Senior Prefects). They are backed up by a wider prefect team who assist with day-to-day duties, promote and support the 6th Form and senior students. But let the Big 6 introduce themselves and their plans in their own words:

Akshaya Chandrashekar, Head Girl

"I Joined in Year 7 and was very shy, it never occurred to me that I could achieve this and become Head Girl. By Year 10 I started working towards this role by joining the Model United Nations to help with my confidence and public speaking, by taking part in physical and social challenges that the DOE International Award offers."

Henry Barnard-Jones, Head Boy

"I started in Year 9 and had never lived anywhere other than the UK before. I was inspired by Azhan, who was our Head Boy in 2014. I looked up to him as a role model and a great guy, and he made me want to challenge myself and put myself forward for Head Boy. I was delighted when my peers and the staff chose me. I am proud to represent DC and delighted to be able to give something back. I am passionate about drama, and this has really helped me be confident and speak at public events. Akshaya and I have an excellent team who are incredibly enthusiastic and are all working very hard as well continuing with their studies."

Nadia Bahemia, Deputy Head Girl

"A student leader should not only be able to lead, they should also be able to follow: to follow what the student body is saying, requesting and criticising. Something that I believe I will be able to do. Furthermore, MUN and the charities committee have allowed me to acquire organisation skills, which are key in such a position.

At the end of the day, "we are the masters of our fate, we are the captains of our souls," and the legacy we leave behind is ours to make. And once we have written on the walls of blank future, and we, as a team, are proud of what we left behind, that is when one would know that have been successful as a student leader. As not only our generation would be encouraged to make their voices heard, but younger ones would be too."

Ralf Yap, Deputy Head Boy

"I have been at Doha College since Year 5. Doha College has served as a second home for me. I wanted to play a more active part in school life and to have input in the various elements of the school, which is why I applied for a student leadership position. It's great being able to work with my friends and peers to try and make a difference, inject our own personalities and ideas in the school. I'm a part of the Universities Committee which works closely with the careers advisor to help promote University visits and get information out to the students. The Committee also holds sessions after school which provide guidance to students to prepare them for university applications and interviews. I'd like to leave behind a legacy in which Doha College is a second home for all of the students, like it was for me."

Aiman Wahizam, Senior Prefect

"I only joined DC at the start of Year 12 and it was incredibly daunting, but what I found was an extremely welcoming student community and one that was also keen to improve and help the learning environment here. This positive exposure inspired me to apply for a leadership role in which I too could help the school. Also, I am the Head of Charity Committee. This is an amazing opportunity where 6th Form students can come together and collaborate to raise money for our selected charities. I hope that my legacy would be the amazing work and impact the committee does with improved ideas and many many new ones."

Nasreen Hago, Senior Prefect

"I have been in DC all my life, and when the opportunity for change was presented to me, I took it wholeheartedly. Every single member of the student body deserves to feel as though they are represented, and their queries and suggestions are foregrounded. Student leaders are not only role models for the younger years, but they also provide an accessible and inviting channel of communication between the student body and faculty members. The legacy I would like to leave behind is the value of true 'Fun and Enjoyment'. I want future students to aspire to be even better leaders than we were and aim to encourage the participation of students in all aspects of school life, not just the academic, but also the importance of getting involved in the Doha College community and giving back."

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