High Performance Learning

Doha College are delighted to be one of only eight ‘Pioneer’ High Performance Learning (HPL) schools in the world. We truly believe that introducing HPL to Doha College will allow us to develop our students’ confidence and intellect and simultaneously empowering them to make a contribution to a global society. 

Why High Performance Learning?

Everyone wants a high performing education system, but it continues to be assumed that only a minority of advantaged children can reach high levels of educational performance.

HPL believes that we should expect many more students to reach the academic levels once seen as the preserve of the very few. Indeed, we should structure the education system with this in mind. Rather than creating a system which focuses on early detection of signs of failure, with pupils guided immediately into less demanding work, the system should be structured to provide the conditions that generate high performance and pupils steered towards this objective.

High Performance Learning is the approach developed by Professor Deborah Eyre to achieve this objective. Based on a lifetime’s research and practice in education for advanced cognitive performance, it identifies attributes, values and practices that can be developed in schools to enable more students to achieve highly.

What will High Performance Learning look like at Doha College?

There is a gap between success as defined by school systems and what society, the workplace and the individual seem to require.

We are looking to increase our students’ performance, whilst also asking them to look beyond their own geography and become world beating. We believe that introducing High Performance Learning will allow our learners to become Advanced Performers, Global Citizens and Enterprising Learners.

The High Performance Learning Framework

High Performance Learning provides a framework which school leaders can use to transform learning – actively involving students and their parents in the learning journey and presenting schooling as a quest for cognitive success. The diagram below shows the ‘7 Pillars of High Performance’. The 7 pillars highlight the structures that we will put in place at Doha College in order to allow our students to become Advanced Performers, Global Citizens and Enterprising Learners.

The ‘7 Pillars of High Performance’ are built upon the foundations of HPL, which are the Advanced Cognitive Performance characteristics (ACP’s) and the Value Attitudes and Attributes (VAA’s). These are 20 generic characteristics which students need to develop if they are to be high performers in cognitive domains (ACPs) and 10 values, attitudes and attributes (VAAs) that will develop the wider learner dispositions needed for cognitive and lifetime success.  

Many of the ACP’s and VAA’s are already being covered at Doha College. Our challenge now is to embed them into the day-to-day life of the college. These skills will be imparted to the students within the taught curriculum, during pastoral time and within extra-curricular activities.

We look forward to working alongside our students, staff and parents in order to embed High Performance Learning within Doha College and continue on our journey towards becoming a truly World Class school. 

Neil Thomas
Neil Thomas
Vice Principal T&L/Quality Assurance