Go Girls!!

Go Girls!!

Excellence is always rewarded at Doha College, as our Year 8 girls discovered recently when they meet with Principal Dr Steffen Sommer.

This all-star girls' team have been recognised for their outstanding effort grades, with all the students being awarded excellent or very good effort grades across all their subjects in their recent grade reports.

Miss Sarah Rodgers, the Head of Year 8 was rightly proud, she commented "Once again my girls are recognised for being exemplary students, they work hard, they have fun and they are a real pleasure to teach."

We meet with two students to find out a little more about them.

First we meet with Bryher Crocker who has been at Doha College from pre-school. Bryher who achieved 10 Excellent and 3 Very Good effort grades explained that her favourite subjects were PE, Maths and History.

"I enjoy Maths as it's fun to learn. I also enjoy learning about things that happened in the past, so History is also exciting as it's full of information that happened years ago. My favourite subject though is probably sports. I love all sports and play netball, rugby, football, any sports really! – not surprising as both her parents teach PE!."

Our second student Arunima Srivastau, who is originally from India, has been in Doha for 8 years. Arunima received 11 Excellent and 2 Very Good grades in her report. Surprisingly Arunima doesn't have a favourite subject, although she is keen to pursue a career using Maths and Science. "I enjoy these subjects because you can find them in all aspects of everyday life and all across the world."

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