Enhanced Curriculum at Doha College

Enhanced Curriculum at Doha College

At Doha College, we put the child at the centre of everything we undertake, and one of our aims is to ensure that they have as many opportunities as possible to discover what they’re most passionate about. One way we help our students on their journey of self-discovery is by offering them a broad array of enhanced curriculum activities encouraging pursuits in music, mindfulness, creativity, science, inventiveness, physical education and recreation, languages, specific skills like sign language, or mental challenges like chess, algebra and computer programming, plus a myriad of others click here to see a non-exhaustive list.

List of ECA's

Alice Programming, Animal Arts and Craft, Arabic - beginners, Arabic - advanced, Arabic Culture, Art of Henna, Arts & Crafts, Athletics, Athletics Squad, Badminton, Ball Games, Ballet, Basketball, Board Games, Book Club, Book Club, Bounce Back (PSHE), Charity Committee Masterchef, Chess, Chinese Caligraphy, Circuit Training, College Production, Colouring, Comic Book Creation, Community Service, Cooking, Cosmic Kids Yoga, Creative Art Club, Cricket, Cross Country, Crossfit Gym, Dance Doha, DC Jazz, DCMUN, Debate club, Drama, Eco, Evo Basketball, Evo Learn 2 Swim, Evo Netball, Evo Soccer, FIFA, Film Making, Fitness, Football, Forensic Science French Cookery, French for Beginners, Funky Dance, Gardening, German for Beginners, Girls Netball, Glee Club, Green Screen, Gym Club, Gymnastics, Healthy Cooking, Japanese, Choir, Lego & Construction, Lego Robotics, Legotronics, Mad Science, Majlis Magazine, Maths Challenges, Medical Review Group, Minecraft, Netball, Newsletter (Arabic & English), Orchestra (primary) Orchestra (DCSO), Origami, Paper art, Printmaking, Public Speaking, Puzzles & Board Games, Recorder, Robotics, Rounders, Rugby, Sailing, SAT Prep, School Newspaper, Science Made Fun, Script Club, Scuba Diving, Senior Debating, Sewing Master Class, Sign Language Sketching, Skipping, Spanish, Sports Leaders, Stop Motion Animation, Swimming Squad, Table Tennis, Taekwando, Team Textiles, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, Touch Typing, Tri club, Triathlon, University 101, Video Production, Volley Ball (Mixed), Water Polo, Wide Games, Zumba, Zumba (Girls)

Aligned with our core values and with the HPL principles, the delivery of Enhanced Curriculum Activities is one of Doha College’s priorities. In devising an ECA programme that harmonises with its academic education, Doha Colleges aims to:

  • develop well-rounded individuals who are ready for the challenges of a more and more complex and diverse society;
  • further increase the diversity and variety of ECA’s so they complement all areas of the curriculum and provide the best opportunities for the development of soft and life skills;
  • focus on further embedding, through the ECA programme, the values inherent in the HPL philosophy;
  • provide ample opportunity for parental involvement in order to strengthen the community and the educational triangle, and to further improve the consistency of outcomes;
  • identify and exploit synergies between ECA’s and the work of the welfare and academic teams, in order to encourage interdisciplinary learning across the key stages.

Beyond all this, ECA’s give students a sense of belonging, validates their interests and contribute to their overall well-being. Looking back, we can proudly report that in the autumn term, Doha College offered 181 ECA’s with 3,653 sign-ups, and in the spring term – 204 ECA’s with 3,682 sign-ups (with most students participating in more than one activity).

Some of the activities extend further than the walls of Doha College; for example, Model United Nations students participate in external conferences; the Medical Review students won the 2019 competition organised by Park House English School and took third place in the one hosted by DC; the ‘Alice Computer Programming’ students came third in the 2019 competition organised by Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, while Triathlon students – both primary and secondary - did exceptionally well in local events. These ECAs are springboards that propel many students into attaining astonishing achievements, either by opening doors to greater experiences in the outside world, or by opening doors towards students’ inner selves and helping them discover untapped interests and abilities. Others offer the opportunity to perfect a skill they’re already good at, or share it with others – such as the orchestra. Either way, the incredible value added by ECA’s to a child’s life cannot be contested; we look forward to many students joining our plethora of activities again, when the ECAs return in a few months’ time.

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