Doha College's Young Golfers

Doha College's Young Golfers

20180407 Baylor University Womens Golf on tour March 2018

Doha College is renowned for its exceptional academic results and the number of alumni that go to their first choice of university. But equally commendable, is their dedication to nurturing gifts that complement the academic facet of a young person’s development, like music, visual arts, sports and practical talents.

Today we focus on sports and in particular golf, which has offered some DC students a path that is truly off the beaten track. In a country where golf may not spring to mind at the top of the list of sports, especially in summer, it is nevertheless possible to hone this skill to exceptional levels. Such levels, in fact, that some Qatar-grown talents beat others from places with a far older tradition in the game.

One example is Laila Hrindova, who graduated from Doha College in 2017 and is now working through her first year at Baylor University in Texas, US. Thanks to her dexterity with the titanium club, Laila secured a golf scholarship at Baylors, and is now playing regularly in addition to her academic commitments.

Here she tells us about her experience so far: “The workload is substantial, with studies interlacing fitness, practice, golf team qualifications and travel to play tournaments, but it’s also a great deal of fun and the perks are great – I’ve got the athletic support centre here helping me out, and a private cafeteria with some great food supporting my nutrition.”

About the role that Doha College played in getting her on the path to Baylor University, Laila said: “I am doubly thankful for the preparation that Doha College provided me with through my years of study; the quality of the work and of the teachers at DC that enabled me to hit the ground running, and gave me the confidence to deal with the academia here.”

Laila appreciates that a creative approach to choosing your way to third level education can indeed open doors. “Studying in the States can be daunting where expense is concerned, and was for me too, but specialising in a sport and applying through a sports scholarship has made it possible for me and is a fantastic opportunity for any prospective student too. There are many ways to get here – just don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone,” was her advice to her younger peers.

And indeed, two more Doha College 6th form students are contemplating similar routes. One is Mikkel Per Mathiesen, a semi-pro golfing champion who has recently qualified for the “Faldo Series Grand Final”, to be held in November at Al Ain. The other is Jakub Hrinda, who became the youngest ever golfer, then aged 14, to play in the “Qatar Masters” back in 2015.

Whether or not these young men end up taking golf scholarships in their future educational journeys, one thing is certain – both Doha College and golf, the commitment that comes with it, the training and the self-discipline, will have helped shape them into the people they are becoming.

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