Doha College’s new “Big 6”

Doha College’s new “Big 6”

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Student leadership is one of the ways in which Doha College promotes social responsibility and grows global citizens. Each year, a team of six 6th-formers is selected by students and teachers, and throughout the year they work with other committees to enhance the school experience for all their peers.
They live up to their ‘The Big 6’ nickname and put in many extra hours representing Doha College at public events, acting as ambassadors of DC in the wider community, providing a link between the student body and the leadership group, and much more.
Comprising the Head Boy and Head Girl, their deputies and the two senior prefects, the team go through an arduous application process. They submit written entries, speak to student audiences about what they can bring to the roles, and explain why they’ve put themselves forward. The process has multiple benefits: the students get an opportunity to polish their leadership skills, while the school reaps the results of their enthusiasm and commitment. For those elected, the tenure of such positions is also an excellent point of sale to highlight on their personal statements as they apply for university places.
‘The Big 6’ aim high and some of their goals are to further the integration of all year groups, and maximize the efficiency of student leadership through smarter inter-committee communication. A few projects that go towards achieving these goals are:

  • the ‘Buddy Programme’, where Year 7 students are partnered with 6th form students
  • the CCI Legacy Talks, which has grown to include students as young as Year 5
  • DC Word, a podcast launched to improve the information flow within the school
  • a host of committees that take on various aspects of school life.

DC Word is posted weekly on YouTube and the student portal, and is played in classrooms during form time. The podcast gained traction as a staple of the Communications Committee, becoming known as a one-stop-shop for all things DC. You can view current and past episodes here.

The incumbent 'Big 6' team is made of Sarah Mekhaimer, Head Girl, Fahad Ali, Head Boy, Qurratu Aini Hashim, Deputy Head Girl, Jay Stearns, Deputy Head Boy, Sakshi Mani and Ibrahim Din, Senior Prefects. They shared with us what motivated them to be a part of this team, and what they hope to achieve during their last year at Doha College:

Fahad Ali

Fahad Ali, Head Boy
“I am truly humbled to have the opportunity to represent the school that I have come to call home. I remember running for Head Boy of Primary, and although I wasn’t as successful that time, I won’t be wasting my opportunity this time round. Advancing through the school, I never really knew the leadership team until I got to 6th form, so  a focus of mine will be to have a more significant involvement with the younger years, as the Big 6 represent the interests of all students, all the way to Primary. I hope to epitomize all the values we hold so dear here at DC, and further the continued excellence laid down by previous leaders.”

Sarah Mekhaimer

Sarah Mekhaimer, Head Girl

"During my time here at Doha College, the students and staff have supported and helped me reach where I am today. Being given the position of Head Girl gives me the ability to give back to my school in various ways. This year I hope to integrate and unify our student body, by enhancing communication across the school, through the means of the sixth form committees. By achieving this, I can ensure that current and future students will be represented and uphold our school mantra: ‘Excellence for all, excellence from all’.”

Jay Stearns

Jay Stearns, Deputy Head Boy
“Doha College has been a birthplace for my love for education, ever since I was 10 years old. Having been inspired by previous student leaders such as Sanjith Ganesan, I felt the strongest urge to follow suit. As the Deputy Head Boy, I hope to better the student welfare through the vehicle of the Student Council. As we are in transition to a newer school building - even though I will not personally benefit from it - I desire to help transfer the great legacy that Doha College maintains.”

Qurratu Aini Hashim

Qurratu Aini Hashim, Deputy Head Girl
“As the Deputy Head Girl, I look forward to an exciting, and productive year ahead. Through the Student Council, I aim to take advantage of the prominent inter-year communication and effectively emulate the student body. I also hope to cultivate their propositions – toward improving our school environment and experience - to reality. Amplification of the student voice in order to elevate a sense of involvement is vital which is why I would also like to aid the set-up of a Student Feedback Team. With the knowledge that this position will reward me through the development of multifarious, transferrable life skills, I aspire to make a positive contribution to the school by supporting all constituents of Doha College.”

Ibrahim Din

Ibrahim Din, Senior Prefect
“It is my pleasure to serve as this year’s senior prefect. I’ll be working alongside Sakshi and the other respective prefects to help run the committee’s and in turn hopefully improve the school experience for all students. We will also be starting a new initiative where sixth formers can volunteer to go to a primary classroom and help in whatever way required. I'm keen to accept and overcome any challenges these tasks may present. I also look forward to working with this year's excellent student leadership team and create a lasting positive change for the school. and faculty members but also to provide an accessible and inviting channel of communication between the different year groups within our school.”

Sakshi Mani

Sakshi Mani, Senior Prefect

“Doha College has provided me with an array of opportunities over the last six years, that has led me to call it my second home. Taking upon the responsibility of Senior Prefect was my way of giving back to the community. Being in charge of the prefect team as well as running events such as the forthcoming Primary Mentorship Programme and parents’ evenings allows skills such as determination, teamwork and perseverance to shine through. This is exactly the type of legacy we as the 'Big 6' want to leave behind, one that stands for taking on hard hitting challenges as well as integrating the entire student body and faculty together.”

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