Doha College Primary offers an excellent education for children from Pre-School to Year 6.  We prepare our students fully for the challenges they meet when moving onto a secondary education.  Because we are a through school our primary students and secondary students have plenty of opportunities to collaborate and take part in joint projects, learning from each other. Our Primary school is based at our West Bay campus.

Our class sizes are small and our fully qualified teachers are supported by a team of excellent teaching assistants in every year group from Pre-School to Year 6. We have also have specialist teachers for Physical Education, Arabic, ICT and Music and as a result our pupils perform particularly well in these areas.

Doha College Primary is a place where your child can be happy and achieve success. The education, care, happiness and well-being of every child are priorities for us and we have much to offer in the way of stimulating, exciting and fun learning experiences that take place in a superb, well-resourced learning environment. Read more about each stage of our Primary education in the menus below.

Early Years Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6)
Starting your children on their learning journey can be daunting, and we work hard to ensure your child’s journey is a fun filled and inspirational one. The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is based on child initiated learning where our fully trained Early Years teachers plan lessons around the children’s questions, ideas and interests.  Our teachers and teaching assistant’s all aim to instil a passion for learning for our students within an environment designed for to enhance high performance learning all delivered through play and active and engaging experiences. Many prospective parents ask us what they can expect from these pre-school years. This video gives a great flavour of the experiences, daily routine and learning environment your child can expect from the Early Years Foundation Stage at Doha College.

These years are where your child begins their more formal education having built on the skills they have acquired in the early years.  Key Stage 1 introduces the core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science together with Computing and the foundation subjects of Geography, History, Design Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education. In addition, Doha College also teaches Arabic from Year 1 which continues through all Key Stages. Students learn through a 'topic approach' with enhanced learning opportunities in every area to develop the growth mindsets that nurture high performance learning. During these first two years of Primary school, students are encouraged to learn both practically and academically and all work is monitored to ensure that students are making the desired progress. We encourage children to take pride in their achievements and adopt an independent and self-reliant approach to school and particular attention is given to the social and emotional development of all children.
Key Stage 2 is made up of the same core and foundation subjects covered in Key Stage 1. During Years 3 and 4 much of the work is ‘cross-curricular’, meaning that one theme is covered by several subjects. Topics are structured to allow children the freedom to explore new subjects in a stimulating way, encouraging a natural enthusiasm for more independent learning and the extended learning opportunities continue and provide an opportunity for the students to consolidate and extend the learning that takes place in the classroom. Throughout Years 5 and 6 a greater degree of autonomy and independence is expected of the students, during which they are softly encouraged to accept new levels of responsibility and demonstrate leadership skills. Students are encouraged from Year 6 to represent various primary committees including the school council, iChildren and Head Boy and Head Girl positions. During the latter part of Key Stage 2, subject teaching becomes more defined especially in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Computing. As students enter Year 6 they are prepared for the subject-oriented approach of the Secondary school and are expected to become more independent in planning and completing their studies.