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Year 8 students travel to Romania

Doha College Year 8 students had the wonderful opportunity to visit Romania on a school trip that was an unforgettable adventure filled with rich experiences and lasting memories. The Romanian people were extremely welcoming, making everyone feel right at home in the heart of the Transylvania region.


During the stay, the group explored three magnificent castles: Peleș Castle, Bran Castle, and Cantacuzino Castle. Each visit was a journey through history, with students marveling at the stunning architecture and learning about the legends and stories surrounding these iconic landmarks. They developed their gothic literature writing at Bran Castle, the home of Dracula, and Cantacuzino Castle - the setting for Netflix’s modern gothic show about Wednesday Addams. Peleș Castle, with its moving and magnificent history, was the most stunning building.


The trip wasn't just about sightseeing; it was a time for personal growth and teamwork. The students participated in various team-building activities, including a challenging high-ropes course that tested their courage and cooperation. One of the highlights was an imaginative role-playing activity in Brasov. The students pretended to be tradespeople from Qatar, following clues around the city to gain entry and find someone dressed as 'Helga.' They regaled her with tales of their travels to earn a permit to sell goods, which was both fun and educational.

Residential international trips play a crucial role in the educational journey of students. They trips provide unique opportunities for experiential learning, exposing students to different cultures, histories, and environments beyond the classroom. They foster personal growth, independence, and resilience as students navigate new settings and challenges. Additionally, such trips enhance social skills and teamwork, as students bond with peers and engage in group activities.

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The bus rides were filled with joyous singing throughout the trip, bringing everyone closer together. The residential experience helped the students mature, make new friends, and become more responsible and well-rounded citizens. Romania's warm hospitality, thrilling activities, and shared experiences made this school trip an extraordinary chapter in their lives.

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Trip to Romania