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Doha College invites prospective parents and children interested in Year 4 entry to spend a taster morning with our Year 4 team and specialist teachers.

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What do Tom Sawyer, Fern Arable, Christopher Robin, and Scout Finch all have in common? Apart from being iconic protagonists who enriched our childhoods with their vivid imaginations and huge strides in understanding the world, they’re all around the age of a Year 4 Doha College student.

Now fully independent, masters of reading and writing, Year 4 students absorb math and science at a mind-boggling rate but are not yet encumbered by thoughts of exams, careers, or even Secondary school (although their parents almost certainly are, and with good reason). This is the age when their minds are exuberantly free, thirsty for exploration, unbridled by future planning, and unafraid of challenges.

Doha College meets this once-in-a-childhood combination with an excitingly tailored curriculum, delivered in ways designed to engage every student and make a lasting difference in their life.

At Doha College, students are taught through an approach called “IDL”. Interdisciplinary Learning is an engaging pedagogy that develops a mastery approach, underpinned by rigorous and responsive assessment. It creates authentic and meaningful learning opportunities. For example, if a Year 4 class is studying Ancient Egypt, their core text in English would be based around this topic, as well as science experiments (have you tried mummifying a tomato?).

Year 4 students engage in diverse learning contexts ranging from electricity, sound, ancient history, the Vikings, and the Anglo-Saxons, from a variety of angles. Languages, music and PE complement this approach. Students are given ownership of their learning, and teachers ensure each child can develop their interests within these broad topics. 

As for life skills, Year 4 children take part in fun and transformative residential trips, with the last few within the expansive DC campus. They learn knot-tying, raft-building, orienteering, go on scavenger hunts, and enjoy exhilarating water games. Teachers put their creativity to the test in bringing into school the outdoor nature of residentials.

Independence is a component of child development that is greatly emphasised at Doha College’s Year 4. Students are responsible for accessing their Enhanced Learning Opportunities (ELOs) and handling their spelling tasks. They must remember their PE and library schedules and bring their kits and books on the correct days. They also use Google Classroom independently in their learning and to submit their work.

The curriculum is delivered through such varied methods, that children soak it up as easily as breathing. Everything is hands-on and reaches all senses: they "see" sound in experiments involving rice (messy but worth it), they explore pitch-dark "tombs" by torchlight, they bake - and eat - bread the way Saxons used to, they craft papyrus paper and create canopic jars.

Year 4 children get to conduct their own investigations after school mascot Felix steals Mr Jarvis's keys, then write newspaper reports on their findings. When they learn about dentition as part of the digestive system, they get to interview a person who is particularly relevant to them, namely Ms Mellon, who used to be a dentist before joining Doha College as a Teaching Assistant.

Discover the perfect opportunity to engage your child in Qatar's most comprehensive British education at Doha College. From delving into the mysteries of the Egyptians to expertly guiding your child towards Secondary school, join us on a journey that paves the way for your child's bright future.

If you wonder how your child might feel about joining a new school, hear the reassuring words of our Head of Admissions Sunita Mathew, who talks about transitioning children and parents into the Doha College community.


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