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Doha College celebrates Y13 successes

Days away from stepping into the big wide world, ready to take on what they’ve been preparing for all these years, Year 13 students took centre stage in a ceremony dedicated to their achievements. The 2024 cohort surpassed expectations, despite moving back to pre-pandemic boundaries, much stricter than in previous years.

Gathered one last time in Doha College’s auditorium, surrounded by family and teachers, Year 13 students made a few more memories together, showed their support and appreciation for one another, and recognized how they’ve been instrumental in each other’s paths to success.

Proud form tutors handed their students their certificates, together with heartfelt wishes for fulfilling journeys onwards, confident in the knowledge that they had done their absolute best to equip them with the tools and mindset to seize every opportunity.

Next up came those whose brilliance transcended the DC sphere, earning them the highest marks in Qatar, Middle East, and indeed in the world.






Special guest Ameena Soysa, Senior Regional Development Manager, presented the prestigious Pearson awards, commending students for their determination, originality, and ownership of their studies.












Three of our students scored top marks not in one, but in two subjects each. They are Arwa Elrayess, who achieved the highest mark in the world in sociology and economics, Maryam Elantably, who attained the highest marks in the world in physics and mathematics, and Minnah Issa, who secured the top marks in Qatar in both chemistry and biology. Huge congratulations to them and all those who contributed to their success.

Arwa Elrayess achieved the highest marks in the world in two subjects, and has served as Head Girl alongside the 2023-2024 Big 6. Here, she shares her thoughts and sends a message to her peers.

Leaving the auditorium for the last time, I echoed the sentiments of my deputy, Hajrah, who described the day as bittersweet. ‘Sweet,’ because it marked the culmination of a 13-year journey – a milestone that proved we “finally made it”. Yet ‘bitter,’ because it signalled the end of familiar routines, of time with friends and teachers who built us into the people we are today. We’ve all learned so much, not just in academia, but in all aspects of life. We’ve endured personal struggles together, laughed, cried and grew together, which makes our time at DC that much more special. I’ve also been profoundly shaped by the support and dedication of my teachers, especially in the economics, sociology, history, and math departments. They were more than just educators; they were friends to us all. It was their encouragement that inspired me to pursue the position of Head Girl, and it was because of their guidance that I reached academic achievements beyond my expectations. I am filled with gratitude for the invaluable lessons learned, friendships built, and experiences shared. To the class of 2024: you’ve been nothing short of amazing, and I’m excited to see the legacies you’ll carve in the years to come.

Arwa Elrayess, Head Girl, 


This event was a fantastic opportunity to recognise the amazing achievements of our students in last year's AS exams. They were the first cohort to face the higher grade boundaries after COVID, and yet they still managed to surpass our expectations. I could not be more proud.

April Smith, Head of Year 13

Mr. Scafe's message to this years' soon-to-be-graduates is inspiring as it is succint. Aiming to nurture the bodies, minds and spirits of our near-adult students, these words will serve them well.



Sleep, Lift, Move, Smile, Laugh, Listen.


Read, Save, Hydrate, Fast, Build, Create.


Your Habits are your future.

Jerome Scafe, Head of Secondary

The evening was enriched with artistic contributions from students Chaoyi Sha, who delivered a mesmerizing piano solo, and Maryam Haddad, whose poetry reading captivated the audience with her signature passion. Scroll through the gallery below for more images taken at the celebration event. 

Our departing Year 13s have been phenomenal ambassadors for the College and we will miss them all terribly. We are very proud of the young adults they have become and know they are destined for very bright futures. We look forward to them becoming part of our alumni network and hope they know that they will always have a home here at Doha College.

David Tongue, Principal