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Year 12 IGCSE Celebration

Doha College organised a special assembly to celebrate the academic excellence achieved by our students in the most recent IGCSE exams. Their results are not just a reward for their dedication and perseverance, but also a reflection of the outstanding support provided by their teachers, parents, and mentors, who have nurtured their talents and guided them on their educational journey.

Each form tutor handed the certificates to their classes, and this was followed by the presentation of the special awards for the highest marks. Doha College students achieved exceptional accolades in Arabic, biology, business, drama, English, geography, history, mathematics, photography, and physical education. 

And no, your eyes do not deceive you, nor did an error occur on this page - some faces do appear again and again! Arwa Elrayess received the highest mark in Qatar in no fewer than four subjects, namely history, Arabic, biology and business, while Mariam received the highest mark in Qatar in Arabic, biology and further pure mathematics. What a proud moment for their families and for their teachers!


The students who achieved the highest marks overall, cumulative of all examinations, received the "Outstanding Student" award. This title had never been awarded to two students from the same Doha College cohort, but twins Keren and Hannah Banks achieved identical results. 

The celebration assembly also recognised the many high achievers in Year 12. An impressive 90 students (the majority of the cohort) achieved five or more 8s and 9s in their GCSEs. Read their names below:


The Year 12 students’ accomplishments serve as an inspiration to others, and their commitment is a shining example of what can be achieved through focus, discipline, and perseverance - paving the way for a bright and promising future.

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