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Have you considered entry into Year 12?

At Doha College, Sixth Form is a unique community, a school within a school, with its own identity, learning flow, and special relationships. It is a space of academia and personal growth, where near-adult students act as such, and crystalise every opportunity they are given.

Doha College pulls all the stops to make available to 6th Formers every support and assistance that can benefit them in the ever-nearing, long-anticipated, yet uncertainty-laced “life after school.”

Here are some of the ways in which our school helps pave student’s paths to fulfilment:

Flexible subject choice


Many 6th Forms can only provide subject choices out of a rigid “block” structure, meaning that the desired combination is not always possible. Not so at Doha College. With an unparalleled range of subjects (peruse it here), small-sized study groups, and a large faculty of excellent educators, there are no restrictions to students’ aspirations. With the inclusion of Extended Project Qualifications, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music examinations, students can add precious points to their UCAS totals.

Career guidance


Navigating the world of university admissions is becoming an increasingly complicated process that requires careful research and planning. At Doha College, we support and guide our students and empower them to make confident decisions and successful applications. Doha College is a registered UCAS Centre, and all UK applications are submitted to universities via the school, following a comprehensive quality-checking process. 97% of our students go on to higher education at global universities and colleges.

A holistic education


Doha College is not just about scores and results. We believe in fostering an environment where students feel supported, valued, and empowered to explore their passions, overcome challenges, and embrace their individuality. They participate in co-curricular pursuits such as Model United Nations (find out more about DC’s own MUN conferences here), as well as in the ever-popular activities involving sports, cooking, or playing in one of the many bands. Do you prefer jazz, pop or rock? DC has them all!


Our 6th Form students are true ambassadors for the College and work to support pupils throughout the Primary and Secondary schools. Our oldest students model leadership and commitment to the College fully prepared to enter one of the world’s leading universities. Academic standards are high, and the A-Level results they obtain outperform almost all other British international schools globally. Our 6th Form students proudly carry the college’s ethos of excellence for all, excellence from all.

David Tongue, Principal

University destinations


To sample just the 2023 cohort, an astounding 15 offers came from universities ranked among the world's top 10, and many more from the top 100. Eleonora Carta received an offer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Noumay Barakat from the University of Cambridge AND the Imperial College London, while Ghita El Mernissi's got in the University of Oxford. Twelve more offers were from the Imperial College London and University College London, and many more from the universities of Edinburgh and Manchester.


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