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Have you considered entry into Year 10?

Stepping into a new phase of secondary school — an ostensibly more rigorous and exam-defined phase to be sure, otherwise known by the innocuous name of 'Key Stage 4' — can be unnerving and steeped in uncertainty. How can we be sure that our own Percy Jacksons and Hermione Grangers, whose hands we held so reassuringly so far, already know what future they want, or can be trusted to make decisions that will influence the rest of their lives?



Year 10, more so than any other school year, holds the key to myriads of possibilities. At this juncture, students are expected to take ownership of their learning, manage their time effectively, strive for self-reliance while still seeking help when needed. And all of this — at a time when teenagers go through the intense challenges of finding themselves and their place in the world.

In its 44 years of existence, Doha College has been trusted to guide many generations of students through these labyrinths of demands, emotions, and aspirations that converge upon our children at such a pivotal time. Stellar examination results, year after year, and proud alumni who return with fondness and gratitude, stand as testimonies to the wonderful work that goes on here. But what does Doha College do to bring such clarity and confidence to the KS4 tackle?

Which subjects to choose?


Our school first lays the groundwork for academic success early in the students’ journey, so that they are well able to take on any subject they wish — but this is a given. To assist with the actual choice, Doha College invites Year 9 parents and students to a thorough analysis of each subject, of how the examinations and coursework are marked and weighted, as well as the career paths they open. One of the ways we do this is the 'Options evening' where parents and students meet the staff who teach their subjects of interest, tour the facilities that support the learning, and get to hear answers to their questions and to those of other participants’.

Well-being and personal development


Year 10 students benefit from initiatives aimed at supporting students' well-being and character development. They include activities such as workshops on resilience, teamwork, mindfulness and leadership skills, as well as relevant PHSE lessons. Doha College involves students in co-curricular pursuits categorized into three areas: sports, skills, and service; these, backed up by our school counselors and the watertight safeguarding system, contribute to the creation of a nurturing, safe environment - vital to students undertaking examinations.

A wide range of subjects


Doha College is extremely fortunate to offer the widest range of GCSE subjects in the country for students to choose from. In addition to the core subjects, which you can peruse here, it caters to many other interests and passions. Creative subjects such as drama, photography, and music enhance emotional intelligence, empathy, and cultural awareness, promoting social cohesion and personal growth. Embracing a diverse range of subjects ensures a holistic education, preparing students to thrive in an interconnected world where interdisciplinary approaches are valued.


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