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A 'World of Work' materialises at Doha College

15-year-olds might still need to form a clear idea of what profession they should pursue. To expose them to a range of careers and real-world insights, Doha College invited professionals to speak to Year 10 students. The guests shared wisdom that is not typically available through textbooks or lectures.

Dr Sanoj Ali

Dr Sanoj Ali, from the Sidra Neonatology Centre of Excellence, gave students a glimpse of a life of a medical student and then a doctor. His presentation will undoubtedly be remembered, not least thanks to a very life-like prop of a premature baby.

Thomas "Hustler" McGrath

Fighter jet pilot trainer Thomas “Hustler” McGrath got the loudest cheers (would you venture a guess why?) as he told the story of his career, of the attributes that best served him along his path, and explained how students could follow in his footsteps.

Akber Khan

Mr Akber Khan, Senior Director of Asset Management at Al Rayan Investment, spoke to the students about forging a career in finance and – very importantly – emphasised the importance of work-life balance, compartmentalisation and stress management.

Year 10 students

The students dressed up for the day in their most professional-looking business attire and asked the speakers many excellent questions. The Y10s showed that they had researched their areas of interest, and their curiosity was infectious.

Hearing directly from successful professionals was motivating and inspiring to the Year 10 students. The visiting professionals and other speakers, in-person and online, showed them that success is attainable if they work hard and pursue their passions. Huge thanks to the Year 10 team, the Career Guidance team, and the parents, alumni and professionals that gifted their time to spark the imagination of our students.

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