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Sixth form at Doha College produces new magazine "Reflections"

Our sixth form now has its own magazine, which came together thanks to the efforts of a team comprising editor-in-chief Noumay Barakar, co-editor Ibrahim Bilal, writers Abhinav Gudavalli, Noumay Barakat, Arran Cameron, Lilia Aissaoui, Giulia Pinna, photographer Matias Gutierrez and artists Dana Hafez and Kimberley Faulkner.

Education isn’t just about schoolwork, but also pursuing the things you are passionate about, about sharing your opinions with the world. “Reflections” was created to provide sixth form students with an outlet trough which they can share their ideas and passions.  
Noumay Barakat, Editor in Chief

The articles included in the magazine are topical, deep and relevant, while the art and photography a treat to the eye and soul, while thought-provoking at the same time - a real credit to our students.

Photography by Matias Gutierrez

Dana Hafez - one of the artists featured

But the one thing better than talking about the magazine is reading the magazine itself, so tap on the cover below to start turning the pages: