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Doha College triumphs at the QUESS Cross Country Championships in Dukhan

Our students emerged victorious, earning 1st place overall, as they conquered the challenges of the rugged and sandy terrain. 

Students from Doha College embarked on an exhilarating journey to Dukhan for the annual QUESS Cross Country Championships. Dashing through the sea breeze and the sandy terrain, our students showcased an unwavering determination and boundless energy with each stride. Their unbreakable spirit paved the way for a resounding victory as they confidently crossed the finish line.

Students from across all age groups participated. Our U12, U13, U14, U16, and U19 teams won in their respective age group events, ultimately securing Doha College 1st place overall!

Cross-country running goes as far back in the history of the human race as almost any activity we know. Running is deep in our societal history and is considered the most natural of all athletic movements. 

To the uninitiated, cross-country must appear to be a very simple sport and therefore, an easy sport to coach. However, the most successful cross-country coaches know that to get a student to run a cross-country race consistently faster than the opposition, the athlete must avail themselves of all the knowledge and ingenuity they can muster.

Why do we run?

The psychologist might reason that we run because of the desire to excel or to achieve. From earliest childhood, a person may strive for some form of recognition and a sense of power over others, in what is a natural activity for most. 

Physiologically we run for physical fitness and to improve health. Doherty suggests that physiologists believe we run because our bodies are built for it: 

  • running hearts, running lungs

  • running muscles, running bones

Ultimately, we believe that running presents a challenge, it enables an individual to perform as a team to collectively achieve success for Doha College.

Roger Bannister wrote in his autobiography - The Four Minute Mile, 

For nearly ten years I have been running many times a week and my grasp of the reason why I run continues to grow. Running through mud and rain is never boring. Like 10,000 cross-country runners, their number ever increasing, I find in running - win or lose - a deep satisfaction that I cannot express in any other way. However strenuous our work, sport brings more pleasure than some easier relaxation. It brings a joy, freedom and challenge which cannot be found elsewhere. I sometimes think that running has given me a glimpse of the greatest freedom a man can ever know, because it results in the simultaneous liberation of both body and mind. Running is creative. The runner does not know how or why they run. They only knows that they must run.

Taking this into consideration, many students from Doha College journeyed to Dukhan to participate in the annual QUESS Cross Country Championships. We are delighted to report that our team emerged victorious in the competition, conquering the challenges presented by the rugged and sandy terrain and lots of sea breeze air. 

Martin Eldridge, Director of Sport

Below are the standout achievements of the team and individuals who competed against seven schools across Qatar:

U12 Girls 

  • Amy A. - 1st place
Win Team Event 
  • Amy A.
  • Aaminah A.
  • Ratna H.
  • Lily H.
  • Farah N.
  • Barbara P.
  • Harsha P.
  • Flora T.
  • Sofia G

U13 Girls 

  • Anne M. - 1st place
  • Isla M. - 2nd place
  • Layan H. - 3rd place
Win Team Event
  • Shamaila A.
  • Nour A.
  • Loure A.
  • Layan H.
  • Hana W.
  • Anne M.
  • Isla M.
  • Leela P.
  • Albhie O.

U14 Girls 

Win Team Event 
  • Enayah A.
  • Hind Jassim A.
  • Alina U.
  • Habiba A.
  • Eliza E.
  • Zaha G.
  • Madeleine H. 
  • Penelope O.

U16 Team 

  • Deniz N. - 2nd place
  • Luke W. - 3rd place
Win Team Event 
  • Ayah E.
  • Rakshita K.
  • Luke W.
  • Deniz N.
  • Aodhan B.

U12 Boys

Win Team Event
  • Nabil A.
  • Archie C.
  • Aryan K.
  • Sinan S.
  • Yusuf Y.
  • Matteo C.

U13 Boys 

Win Team Event 
  • Arthur W.
  • Naim D.
  • Luqman G.
  • Alfie S.
  • Qasim A.




U14 Boys 

  • Yordan K. - 2nd place

Win Team Event 
  • Muhammad A.
  • Ahmed A.
  • Calum D.
  • Andrea G.
  • Yordan K.
  • Mohamed M.
  • Ethan S.

U19 Boys & Girls Team 

  • Aoife Glasswell - 1st place
  • Keren Banks - 2nd place
  • Ruben Damiao - 2nd place
Win Team Event 
  • Pearl A.
  • Camille H.
  • Aaron James T.
  • Keren B.
  • Ruben D.
  • Caroline D.
  • Aoife G.
  • Shashwat J.
  • Connor M.
  • Olivia K.
  • Himani M.


Race Distances:

  • Race A: u12 Girls - 2.30pm (2km)
  • Race B: u12 Boys - 2.40pm (2km)
  • Race C: u13 Girls - 2.50pm (2km)
  • Race D: u13 Boys - 3.00pm (2km)
  • Race E: u14 Girls- 3.10pm (2km)
  • Race F: u14 Boys - 3.20pm (2km)
  • Race G: u16 Girls - 3.30pm (4km)
  • Race H: u16 Boys - 3.40pm (4km)
  • Race I: u19 Girls - 3.50pm (4km)
  • Race J: u19 Boys - 3.50pm (4km)

School Positions:

  1. Doha College
  2. Al Khor 
  3. Dukhan
  4. Mesaieed 
  5. Oryx
  6. Kings
  7. DBS Rawdat
  8. Sherborne

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This victory is a testament to our holistic approach at Doha College, empowering students to thrive in academics and sports. Thank you to our Physical Education department for their endless dedication to instil physical literacy. FINALLY, A huge congratulations to our students!

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