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Doha College hosts sixth edition of “Qatar School Choir of the Year”

Proud organisers of the "Qatar School Choir of the Year" competition since its inauguration in 2017, Doha College has once again showcased the country's choral music talent. Launched with the motto "Uniting Children through Singing," QSCoY experienced a surge in popularity and participation. Doha College believes in the power of music and collaboration in raising young singers' vocal skills, confidence, and enjoyment. Rolling in the sixth edition, the motto remains true.

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This year's event was hosted at Doha College's state-of-the-art Al Wajba campus, and it featured sixteen choirs from across the country competing in three age categories: 5 to 8, 7 to 11, and 11 to 18. Taking the helm this year was our new Director of Music, Mr William Morrow, who led the various music departments through the two-day event, culminating in the spectacular Grand Final.

This year's lead ajudicator, Alison McNeill, a UK-based opera singer, conductor, and musician. Alison led workshops and supported pupils and staff in delivering outstanding performances. 

Alison's invaluable insight into the world of vocal performance and choral conducting was a fresh addition to this year's adjudicating team. She was joined in the Grand Final by long-time panel member Olga Protopopova, Principal of the International Centre for Music, and Zlatan Fazlić, Director of the Qatar Music Academy, who also delighted the audience with a performance conducting the "Qatar Junior National Choir."

And now, we give you the winners of the Qatar School Choir of the Year 2024

GEMS Wellington Choir, winners of the age category 5-8

Conductor - Sarah Atya
Accompanist - Claire Martin
Runners up - King's College Doha KS1 Choir

American School of Doha Elementary Choir, winners of the age category 7-11

Conductor - Brita Fray
Accompanist - Lisa Cheung
Runners up - Al Khor International School

Park House English School Choir, winners of the age category 11-18

Conductor - Gabriela Núñez
Accompanist - Nicole Ng
Runners up - King's College Doha Senior Concert Choir

Park House English School Choir, overall 2024 winners

Park House English School overall 2024 winners with lead adjudicator Alison McNeill, and Doha College's Head of Secondary Jerome Scafe and Head of Primary Ruth Whymark

I was extremely impressed by the performances of all choirs from across Qatar, and as host of my first QSCoY competition, it highlighted to me how strong the support for music and arts is across the country. All students dazzled audiences and the adjudication panel across the Heats and Grand Final; it was great to see! I would like to extend a huge congratulations and thanks to parents, the students for all their hard work, and the teachers, conductors, and accompanists for their hours of dedication and commitment."

Mr. William Morrow, Director of Music at Doha College


It was a real honour to attend the final of the Qatar School Choir of the Year Competition. I was absolutely delighted with the quality of the singing on display, and the judges had a really difficult job choosing between the excellent finalists. Huge congratulations to Park House, whose senior Choir took the coveted first place position this year, and thanks and well done, as ever, to the dedicated Music Department and all the DC staff who volunteered to ensure that the event was such a success.

Mr. David Tongue, Doha College Principal

If you want a summary of what went on during the qualifying heats, watch the highlights video below. It offers a concise glimpse into the workshops, the interaction between the children, and the cleverly choreographed performances on stage.

Should you prefer to dive deeper into the heart of the QSCoY experience, you can watch the entire final here. Sit back and prepare for some exceptional performances from the top eight choirs.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

To see photos from the two-day event, tap here. You can also flick through the programme below for more information about the heats, the songs and our esteemed adjudicators.

Finally, we leave you with the words of our Senior Vice-Principals, Mr. Jerome Scafe and Mrs. Ruth Whymark. In their insightful reflections, they emphasise the transformative power of music in fostering teamwork, self-expression, and confidence among the participants. As Doha College celebrates the success of this year's event, their words resonate as a testament to the enduring significance of music education in shaping the lives of our talented youth.

It was a privilege to host QSCoY 2024! Across the two-day event, Doha College was a hive of activity, excitement and fierce competitive spirit, as invited schools expressed themselves in the most beautiful and elegant of ways. The combination of the supremely dedicated staff from competition schools, experts that flew into Doha to provide bespoke guidance and support, technical staff who made the event look and feel lavish, and the many parents and family members that came to see their children shine on stage made it a truly unforgettable event overall. Our children continue to dazzle and impress! 

Mr Jerome Scafe, Head of Secondary



Doha College is very proud to host this amazing event, musically showcasing talent from across Qatar. Singing together offers young people the chance to experience the holistic collegiality of working together in a group, and the opportunity to make music together. 

Mrs Ruth Whymark, Head of Primary