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Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra performs at Doha College

Doha College was thrilled to host the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, who played two performances of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf’ to all Primary students and their teachers. The symphonic fairytale was conducted by Giovanni Pasini and narrated by Christoph “Kiko” Schmitz, who - alongside the talented musicians of QPO, delivered a most dramatic and captivating show - the perfect vehicle for music education.

Christoph “Kiko” Schmitz interacting with the children

A Doha College student conducting the orchestra

The students, a very large proportion of whom are learning to play instruments, were a hugely receptive and appreciative audience. Some of them were even lucky enough to try their hand at conducting on stage.

Exposing children to live music of any kind is invaluable – being the same room where the sound is produced, creates a three-dimensional feel of the sound and its energy; the audience then becomes a protagonist of the performance. We explored the interactivity of the music and we loved the enthusiasm we got from the Doha College students. To play for an audience so fresh, attentive and responsive to the emotional segments of the piece reminds us how great our job is. The relationship between music and children is about creativity and emotional intelligence, and when children experience it along with their teachers or parents, it enhances their bond; it’s about community.

Giovanni Pasini, conductor

Seven Doha College students were extremely lucky to get a lend of the precious baton, and took a first shot at conducting under the watchful guidance of Maestro Pasini. Play the video below to see how they got on, after Kiko Schmitz's first disastrous (but very comical) attempt. 

Our students and staff had a wonderful day, and it was encouraging to see our fantastic facilities being put to use by a professional ensemble. We were particularly impressed by the warmth of orchestra, in how they invited some of our students up to conduct from the podium. Special thanks go to Kiko, Giovanni, and Kurt Meister, QPO Executive Director, for bringing this opportunity to fruition. We look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with the orchestra in the future.

Ryan Sullivan, Head of Primary Music 




If you have 25 minutes to disconnect, go ahead and let yourself be transported into Prokofiev's fantasy world together with our students; you will be glad you did.

Doha College provides instrumental music tuition through its long-standing programme, staffed by musicians who are highly qualified in their field, drawn from a broad international base. To find out more visit our Instrumental Music web page. 

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