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Meet Doha College’s Primary student leaders

Students at Doha College are being shaped into responsible “global citizens” right from the primary school years. One of the ways to achieve this is involving them actively in as many aspects of school life as possible. The college offers students a diverse range of leadership opportunities. At the beginning of each year, elections and other selection paths put together a vibrant and enthusiastic body of students that gladly put in the extra effort to benefit their peers and the school community.

This year has seen a restructuring of the committees, to better fit the school’s long-term goals. Every class in Primary now has a representative in each of these committees:

  • Digital and Comms
  • Wellbeing
  • Culture and Inclusion
  • Eco
  • Charities

The total number of student leaders in DC Primary is 254, and such a high number requires a level of centralisation. From the Year 6 cohort, five prefects are elected from each class, totalling 35 prefects who perform a wide range of responsibilities. They provide support the core leadership comprising the head boy, head girl and their deputies, known as the “Big 4” (or the “Little 4”, if you ask students in Secondary). Scroll on to read their thoughts and messages to their peers.

Jasper Carter - Head Boy

Hi everyone! Getting to know the rest of the Big 4 has been a lot of fun, and I can already tell that we’re going to be a great team. However, we can’t improve DC all by ourselves - we need your ideas too! If you have any thoughts on how to make DC better, email one of us and don’t be shy: every idea is welcome! Also, when you see me around, please say hi, it would be great to meet and have a conversation with you.

Adrianna Evans - Head Girl

It’s been absolutely amazing being part of the Big 4! The role of Head Girl has let me meet so many of you and I’ve had conversations with students when passing in the corridors that I most likely wouldn’t have had! I’ve had so much support from my peers and I can’t explain how much that has helped me settle here in DC and boosted my confidence, so thank you for your help, making me feel welcome in my first year here!

Ibrahim Muhammad - Deputy Head Boy

‘Learning is just another word for fun’ (Raph Koster). Like most people say, ‘learning is the key to success’. As a team we are learning and growing together in the most incredible way. I can overcome my challenges by using HPL skills like perseverance and resilience. I advocate the balance in digital learning and paperwork, as both are equally important. My current aspiration is to make the school greener so it will look more inviting and be a better learning place.

Maryam Abdur-Razzaq - Deputy Head Girl

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the responsibilities of being a part of the Big 4. I have attended meetings, welcomed parents and students during school drop offs in the mornings. I’m really excited to start adding my ideas to the school as well. Some ideas the rest of the Big 4 and I have are adding a mandala somewhere in the Central Hub for everyone to see, and placing recycling bins inside of each classroom to encourage recycling paper.

We wish all student leaders across Doha College Primary the best of luck in their endeavours this academic year!