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Doha College announces new extended hours

We are thrilled to announce that, starting next academic year (August 2023), our hours will extend across the year groups, with our school day beginning at 7.15 in Primary and 7.20 in Secondary, and the school day finishing for all at 1.55, with an optional early collection for FS1. 

The greatest addition of time will benefit our youngest students, namely those in FS1, who will have more time in school to explore their curiosity and develop new skills while giving parents more flexibility.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is pivotal in a child’s development as the brain grows and develops more rapidly during this time than any other. The experiences a child has during this period shape the way the brain develops and influences long-term outcomes. Delivered over two years (FS1 and FS2), EYFS lays the foundation for future academic and personal success. A quality early years education provides children with the head start needed to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

Ruth Whymark - Senior Vice-Principal, Head of Primary


What does EYFS look like at Doha College?

A high-quality early years education provides children with the experiences and opportunities needed to develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills. This helps better prepare children for future academic and personal challenges. Doha College, a not-for-profit British international school, places great emphasis on its EYFS programme. Our littlest learners explore, discover, and develop their skills through play. This flourishes a love for learning and builds a strong foundation before progressing into Primary.

Dedicated EYFS facilities

Our dedicated EYFS facilities capture imagination, foster learning, and encourage fun. With large classrooms, expansive shaded outdoor areas, engaging library spaces for adventurous story time, and interactive music rooms, every day at Doha College is an exciting new journey of discovery. The structure of the school day in EYFS is built to include core curriculum and specialised lessons like 'Read Write Inc.', music, and PE. The new hours better facilitates this integration, while giving parents greater freedom in organising their day.

Top tips for preparing your child for an early years education




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