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Mme Mechmech reaches 30-year service milestone

Doha College is celebrating its longest-serving member of staff, and one of the most-loved teachers to have taught – and still teach here – Madamme Mechmech, as she is known by many generations of students.


Having reached the 30-year service milestone with the school, Mme Mechmech teaches French and is currently form tutor to one of the Year 10 classes. She has imprinted her warm voice and image in the hearts of thousands of students who have passed trough the halls of Doha College through the three decades.

Mme Mechmech had the honour of teaching HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Amir of the State of Qatar, when he was a student of Doha College. She remembers that time with a great sense of pride. She has lived through the transformation of the school and that of the country at the same time; to many people who have since travelled to far-flung corners of the world, she is part of their memory of Qatar. When alumni return to visit the school, they ask about her first. She is pictured here in February 2022 with DC alumna Dana Ahdab, class of 1998.

Mme Mechmech has taught not just the French language, but also many aspects of the French culture, and has been a nurturing presence that has become synonymous with the Doha College ethos. On the sports field, she introduced students to the secrets of pétanque, a French ‘boules’ game. Her cooking course has been a go-to for hundreds working towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, and the enticing flavours drifting from her room – particularly that of ‘crêpes françaises’ – made everyone wish they were in her class.

I have stayed all this time because of the lovely people at Doha College. It’s my home.

Mme Mechmech

In all my years working in schools, and there have been many, I never had a member of staff with this length of service. Mme Mechmech has been with Doha College for 30 out of its 41 years of existence. She is an invaluable part of Doha College history, and she has our everlasting gratitude.

Dr. Steffen Sommer, Principal of Doha College

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Here are some of the wonderful words that current and former colleagues, students and parents said about or to her: