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Doha College welcomes 'The Wombles' sustainable seating from ESF and the British Embassy in Doha

Doha College is proud to announce the installation of innovative seating inspired by 'The Wombles', generously donated by Environmental Street Furniture (ESF) in collaboration with the British Embassy in Doha.

This partnership brings innovative and eco-friendly furniture to our Al Attiyah Adventure Playpark, emphasising the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship in education.


'The Wombles', a beloved British television series created in 1973, is known for its characters' environmental activism. These characters, created by Elisabeth Beresford, are renowned for their efforts in collecting and repurposing rubbish to help the planet. Originally introduced in children's novels, they gained widespread popularity through a BBC television series and music by Mike Batt. Their motto, 'Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish', is a testament to their commitment to sustainability.




The Wellington Solar Bench, a highlight from the Wombles Collection, features advanced solar technology and amenities, including Wi-Fi capability and multiple smartphone charging options. It is a versatile addition to Doha College's Al Attiyah Adventure Playpark.


Since 2014, Doha College has been a pioneer in environmental education in Qatar, being the first school in the country to adopt the Eco-School Programme. Our commitment to sustainability was recognised in 2016 when we were awarded the prestigious Green Flag status by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), the world's largest organisation of its kind. This accolade is not a one-time achievement but a testament to our ongoing dedication. We renewed our Green Flag status in 2017 and again in 2018 under the new national operator, Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC). That same year, our Primary School proudly joined the ranks, securing its own Green Flag status.


Both our Primary and Secondary schools have upheld this recognition through a series of eco-friendly initiatives.  We demonstrate our unwavering commitment to fostering a sustainable future for our students and the wider community by continuously renewing our Green Flag status.

Environmental Street Furniture is proud to work alongside the British Embassy Doha to donate pieces from our Wombles Collection to Doha College. Among this collection included our Wellington Solar Bench and our Alderney Planter Bench, two innovative seating options promoting the importance of sustainability through solar technology and recycling post-consumer waste into useful products to be reused and enjoyed."Alan Lowry, CEO of Environmental Street Furniture

For more information on ESF's Wombles Collection and the products donated to Doha College, visit:

The Wellington Solar Bench:  

The Alderney Planter Bench: