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Doha College students shine at Doha Diamond League 2024


The prestigious Doha Diamond League 2024 recently witnessed outstanding performances from the boys' and girls' 4x100 meter relay teams of Doha College.


Competing against top international schools from across the country, both teams showcased remarkable athleticism, coordination, and teamwork at the Qatar Sports Club stadium, securing well-deserved spots on the podium.


In a captivating display, the Doha College boys' 4x100 meter relay team earned the silver medal with an impressive time of 45.61 seconds. The U17 team, composed of Caleb, Hashim, Aly, and Aodhan, delivered an exceptional performance. Caleb’s explosive start set the pace, followed by Hashim's powerful sprint on the back straight. Aly’s superb drive on the bend and Aodhan’s determined anchor leg culminated in a seamless relay, narrowly finishing behind the Aspire Academy team.


The Doha College girls' 4x100 meter relay team also had a remarkable outing, clinching third place with an outstanding time of 54.68 seconds. The team, consisting of Zaina, Deniz, Sameerah, and Niamh, demonstrated exceptional speed and coordination. Zaina's strong start, Deniz's smooth handoff, Sameerah's powerful sprint, and Niamh's steadfast anchor leg were instrumental in their successful performance.

Inspiring Visit from Olympic Athletes

Adding to the excitement of the Doha Diamond League, Doha College had the honour of welcoming Olympic athletes Kenny Bednarek and Sandi Morris to their Al Wajba campus. Their visit, part of the Doha Diamond League programme, was a source of immense inspiration for the students.

The presence of these world-class athletes motivated Doha College students to venture into the world of sports, instilling in them the belief that with dedication and perseverance, their dreams can become reality. The event highlighted the importance of sports in education and personal development, encouraging students to aim high and work hard towards their goals.

Doha College’s stellar performances at the Doha Diamond League and the inspiring visit from Kenny Bednarek and Sandi Morris underscore the school's commitment to excellence in sports.

The achievements of the boys' and girls' relay teams reflect the dedication and hard work of the students, coaches, and the entire school community. Such events not only enhance the competitive spirit but also foster a sense of unity and determination among the students, preparing them for greater challenges ahead.