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Doha College Students Awarded by BSME Art and Photography Competition

Two Doha College students recently secured 3rd place in their respective categories of the BSME Art and Photography competition. The theme this year was 'My city, my view'. In the year 10-11 category, Alessia Castellanos in year 10 Photography for her 'Camel' and in year 12-13 category, Matias Gutierrez Hernandez in year 12 Photography for his artwork, 'Ali'.

Here are their winning entries, along with a few other pieces they created during the year. 

'Camel' by Alessia Castellanos

I decided to use different views of Qatar such as the old, ancient part of Qatar and then the modern parts of Qatar.  I tried to include people in my images to tell a story and to show how they see the city from their view. In this particular image I tried to focus on the brown camel, as it is different to the other camels, and I wanted it to be the main focus. I was inspired by photographer Luke Gram, who uses the double exposure technique. I combined my images from the souk with my camel to create this outcome.

'Ali' by Matias Gutierrez Hernandez

I want to portray the stark contrast between the old and new Doha, going to places such as souq waqif where I can show lots of examples of the old Doha. I photographed Ali as a Qatari national and combined his portrait with the picture from the souk.  I was inspired by Francesco Paleari double exposure shots, I used this technique to blend two photos together in Photoshop giving it an interesting effect. Merging both photos together helps me create a more intricate story giving some more context to my outcome.

RSI ART AWARD provides students from around the world the opportunity to draw on excellent subject knowledge and skills. It is a platform to showcase and share their artistic talents with their peers globally. For schools, it is an opportunity to showcase the impact of high-quality art education in their country. The aim of the competition is to encourage student creativity, increase artistic awareness in schools and enable talented students to communicate through the field of art. 

Many congratulations to Matias and Alessia on their success, and we look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.