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Doha College adopts WWF animals

Doha College, the first school in Qatar to have been awarded a Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) flag back in 2016, continues to uphold its commitment towards the environment and sustainable living. Passionate to continue its impact and harness the unfailing enthusiasm of its students, its latest campaign was taken up on World Animal Day, to create awareness about improving animal welfare standards.

The Doha College community marked the day by wearing outfits that included animal-inspired elements, by incorporating animal-related themes into the curriculum, and by donating towards the cause. A staggering QR13,654 was raised across its primary and secondary schools, which will go towards the adoption of animals from endangered species.

The focus on animal welfare is not just a once-a-year occurrence in the British international school; the message is delivered to the students at every opportunity, such as school trips to the beach or the mangroves, eco-centred co-curricular activities, naming their houses after animals, down to decorating the campus with a series of large, engaging visuals to really hit home the message.

The environmental endeavours of Doha College are steered by a committed student Eco Committee, who lead representatives from every single year group in the school. They act under the guidance of formidable geography teacher Vanessa Burns, who commended the work of Doha College students on the day.

Our students are extremely passionate about protecting our world, and the fantastic amount of money we have raised proves it. Our parents, staff and pupils voted to use the money to adopt a giant panda, a snow leopard and a penguin, as part of WWF conservation efforts. These animals, along with other endangered species, maintain the health of ecosystems across the world.  When a species is endangered, it’s a clear sign that ecosystems are out of balance, and we must empower our young people to protect them. This is one of the many initiatives our Eco students at Doha College are working on to make a difference for the future of our planet.

Vanessa Burns, geography, Eco-school Coordinator

Scroll through the images to see more animal costumes and happy faces!