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Doha College Opens Annual Art and Photography Exhibition

On Thursday 2nd June, Doha College will celebrate students' creativity and skills  in an exhibition evening. The exhibition will showcase the incredible work of GCSE and A Level students studying Fine Art and Photography. The original art and design on display will include coursework outcomes, along with preparatory pieces that span across the mediums of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, printing, graphics, lens-based media, moving imagery, mixed media, three-dimensional design and textiles.

This will be Doha College's first "face-to-face" annual exhibition since before the pandemic, and the first on the new Al Wajba campus. The event is one of the major highlights of the academic year, and is a proud moment for both staff, parents and students alike. 

Here are some of the art works that will be on display, and you can see many more in the gallery at the end of this page.

Arnita Ali, Year 13

Jack Tunstall

Charlie Millar

Yusra Sajaad

We are immensely proud of what our students at Doha College have achieved over the past few years, a time of great change and disruption due to the pandemic.  Despite the obstacles of distance learning, our students have demonstrated great skills of perseverance, determination and creativity to overcome these challenges, producing work of originality and excellence.Susan Walker, Head of Art and Photography

Below are three entries from the "moving image" category, with students' explanations as to what effect they were aiming for, or what techniques they used. You can view more by tapping here

Arnita Ali, Year 13

‘Transformations’ - the film creates the effect of the objects and their surroundings being mirrored everywhere through different perspectives. "I used mirrored glasses to create the mylar film effect of having multiple parts being mirrored around the subject. I also used LED lights to add lighting to the pictures and also used them to light paint to take the outcomes to another level."

Sofia McSwiggan, Year 13

This was a part of the initial projects looking at the formal element of photography and art. "My intention for this video was to create a colourful abstract video, aiming to capture the essence of colour and shape through paint in a body of water."

Yusra Sajaad, Year 13

This was part of the initial line and shadow project. "This video is made up of clips where a boy is walking in a large but empty area. In some of the shots there is no movement at all but in others the camera pans from side to side, up and down slowly to match the pace of the slow walk the boy is taking. The slow pace of the video and audio represent someone who feels alone."

Attendance to the physical exhibition in the school is still limited due to Covid-19 restrictions, but we invite you to enjoy our students' art by scrolling through the gallery below. Doha College students and staff, however, can take a leisurely stroll through the exhibition any time between Thursday 2 June and the following Thursday, 9 June.